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Working for Ohio EPA provides an exciting opportunity to combine your passion for the environment with public service to the citizens of Ohio

Careers at Ohio EPA range from engineers, biologists, geologists, chemists, toxicologists and environmental scientists to economists, accountants, attorneys, communications and public policy specialists.

Our office provides assistance to Ohio EPA administrators, Agency staff and the general public on matters regarding Civil Service laws and rules, discipline, employment, benefits, recruitment, position descriptions and personnel policies. We maintain current employment information, post available positions with the state's career opportunity website and collect and screen employment applications submitted to the Agency.

You can find available positions and apply online through the TeamOhio Careers website.

Visit the TeamOhio website for more information about the benefits of working for the State of Ohio. Current employees should visit the Department of Administrative Services website for benefit information.

Our summer internship openings are posted for a month in January and February. Non-summer internships are posted as needed. You can find available positions and apply online through the Ohio Hiring Management System, the State of Ohio’s career opportunity page.

Ohio EPA's Division of Surface Water Summer Internship Positions

Thinking about applying? See what some of Ohio EPA's summer interns have to say about how, when and why to apply to our internship program.

Ohio EPA's Division of Surface Water interns share their exciting water sampling experiences as summer interns.

Ohio EPA's Division of Air Pollution Control interns share their exciting adventures inspecting smoke stacks out in the field.

Learn what it’s really like to be an environmental professional.

When you work at Ohio EPA, you’ll be involved in various aspects of environmental regulation, science and education. And you’ll also learn what it’s like to work for a large government agency.

Get paid for your efforts while you learn.

Many college internships simply offer you the opportunity to learn…at your own expense. At Ohio EPA, our first-year interns earn $14 an hour, with an increase to $15 the second year.

Perform a job that challenges you.

Why spend your time away from class doing work that bores you? At Ohio EPA, interns are responsible for meaningful tasks, like visiting sites to determine if storm water pollution prevention plans have been implemented, collecting physical, chemical and biochemical data in stream or lake surveys, assisting with air pollution inspections and smoke readings or even helping with “fish shocking” to measure the biological diversity of a river.

When you come back in from the field, you may use your computer skills to tabulate and document your findings. Or if you’re involved with air pollution control, you could help process air permits or take on a research project. Whatever the case, you won’t get bored at Ohio EPA.

Build your resume.

The knowledge and experience you’ll gain with an internship at Ohio EPA will have a positive impact on the rest of your education and give you an edge with future employers.

Work with people who care about the environment.

Ohio EPA has a diverse mix of employees with varying education levels and academic specialties. Our interns work side-by-side with staff members and technical experts who have a wide range of life and work experiences, and truly understand what it means to be responsible stewards of our environment. Ohio EPA employees are passionate about the environment, just like you are. So your enthusiasm is infectious and energizes all of us. You’ll actually be helping to save the world.

Air pollution. Algal blooms. Poisonous mercury. Polluted rivers. All of these threaten Ohio. You may not be able to solve all these problems by yourself, but when you work here, you’ll help make Ohio better. And helping Ohio is one step toward saving the world.

As you can see, there’s a lot in it for you when you intern at Ohio EPA. So let’s talk specifics.

Who is eligible?

You are eligible for an internship if you are currently enrolled in a college or university degree program directly related to the position or have recently graduated within the prior quarter/semester. The most common fields of study are environmental science, biology, chemistry, engineering, geographic information systems and natural resources.

What programs are interns involved in?

Ohio EPA interns get involved in a variety of projects, including wetlands, modeling, macroinvertebrate sampling and permits.

Most Ohio EPA interns work in the Division of Surface Water in the areas of water pollution control and water quality monitoring and assessment.

Other divisions that often need interns include Drinking and Ground Waters, Air Pollution Control, Division of Environmental Services lab, legal and information technology.There are usually openings in Columbus and at our district offices in Bowling Green, Dayton, Logan and Twinsburg.

When do college interns work?

Most interns work during the summer. Internships during the winter are often part-time and dependent on the length of a specific project or grant. Hours vary depending on the needs of the program.

Do you have internships for law students?

A legal internship with Ohio EPA offers students an opportunity to learn more about a growing area of law and work closely with individuals responsible for enforcing the law. The work is exciting, interesting, and professionally challenging. Additionally, work with Ohio EPA will provide important experience for any future legal positions in the environmental field. The goal of the program is to involve participating law students in Ohio EPA's multimedia programs.

Legal interns work approximately 10 hours per week (up to 40 hours per week during summer programs) in Columbus, Ohio, and have the opportunity to draft enforcement documents and memoranda on environmental issues. Preference will be given to second- and third-year law students with environmental law, environmental policy, and/or environmental science experience. These are paid positions.

Students participating in the program will have the opportunity to develop skills, learn substantive areas of law and witness first-hand how a large and active government agency operates. Students are assigned projects ranging from legal research to the actual development and preparation of enforcement cases. Students also have the opportunity to witness negotiation sessions; attend public meetings (where Agency personnel brief and answer questions from the regulated community and concerned citizens about proposed actions of the Director); attend proceedings before the Environmental Review Appeals Commission and Ohio EPA hearing examiners; and attend hearings before the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review. Students may also have the opportunity to visit regulated facilities and sites where clean ups are being performed.

Law students may intern during either the summer or the academic year. Staff Attorneys volunteer to serve as mentors and help students choose projects, provide constructive feedback on work performed, and coordinate with the student's law school to ensure that requirements for any available academic credit are met. Throughout the internship, the mentor and student will meet to discuss the student's work and any questions or issues that may arise.

Students who are interested in the legal intern program can view any current postings for a legal intern position through the Ohio Hiring Management System. NOTE: postings will be listed as a “College Internship” for the Office of Legal Services. If you have questions or would like more information regarding this program, please contact Ohio EPA’s Legal Office at (614) 644-3037 and ask to speak to an intern coordinator. 

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s (Ohio EPA) Office of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), as an advocate of equality, is committed to maintaining optimum professional service performed at the highest standards possible. The Office of EEO pursues fair and equal treatment for all individuals employed by or seeking employment with Ohio EPA, regardless of race, color, sex (including sexual orientation), age, national origin, religion, veteran status, or disability, gender identity or military status while simultaneously monitoring the agency’s compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules, and regulations governing nondiscrimination in employment.


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