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OAC Chapter 3745-1 Water Quality Standards 

The following is a complete list of the rules in Chapter 3745-1 of the Ohio Administrative Code.  A description of the contents of this chapter is available here. This description includes a link to tables summarizing the aquatic life and human health numerical water quality criteria and values contained in and developed pursuant to this chapter.


As of February 6, 2017, the OAC Chapter 3745-1 Water Quality Standards have been reorganized. The division has created two tables to help make this transition as smooth as possible:

List of variances pursuant to paragraph (L) of OAC 3745-1-38 and paragraph (D)(12) of OAC 3745-33-07.

The Water Body Use Designation Index  is an alphabetical listing of the water bodies in rules 3745-1-08 to 3745-1-32 with their associated rule and page numbers.

Map of Ohio drainage basins and associated rule numbers.

  • 3745-1-08 Hocking river drainage basin 

  • 3745-1-09 Scioto river drainage basin 

  • 3745-1-10 Grand river drainage basin  

  • 3745-1-11 Maumee river drainage basin 

  • 3745-1-12 Sandusky river drainage basin 

  • 3745-1-13 Central Ohio tributaries drainage basin

  • 3745-1-14 Ashtabula river drainage basin

  • 3745-1-15 Little Beaver creek drainage basin

  • 3745-1-16 Southeast Ohio tributaries drainage basin

  • 3745-1-17 Southwest Ohio tributaries drainage basin 

  • 3745-1-18 Little Miami river drainage basin

  • 3745-1-19 Huron river drainage basin 

  • 3745-1-20 Rocky river drainage basin 

  • 3745-1-21 Great Miami river drainage basin 

  • 3745-1-22 Chagrin river drainage basin 

  • 3745-1-23 Portage river drainage basin 

  • 3745-1-24 Muskingum river drainage basin  

  • 3745-1-25 Mahoning river drainage basin 

  • 3745-1-26 Cuyahoga river drainage basin 

  • 3745-1-27 Black river drainage basin

  • 3745-1-28 Vermilion river drainage basin 

  • 3745-1-29 Wabash river drainage basin

  • 3745-1-30 Mill creek drainage basin 

  • 3745-1-31 Lake Erie standards 

  • 3745-1-32 Ohio river standards 

  • 3745-1-33 Water quality criteria for water supply use designations

  • 3745-1-34 Water quality criteria for the protection of human health [fish consumption]

  • 3745-1-35 Aquatic life and wildlife criteria  

  • 3745-1-37 Water quality criteria for recreation use designations and aesthetic conditions 

  • 3745-1-38 Variances from water quality standards for point sources 

  • 3745-1-39 Site-specific modifications to criteria and values

  • 3745-1-40 Methodologies for development of aquatic life criteria and values

  • 3745-1-41 Methodology for deriving bioaccumulation factors

  • 3745-1-42 Methodologies for development of human health criteria and values for the lake Erie drainage basin

  • 3745-1-43 Methodology for the development of wildlife criteria for the lake Erie drainage basin

  • 3745-1-44 Whole effluent toxicity provisions

  • 3745-1-50 Wetland definitions 

  • 3745-1-51 Wetland narrative criteria 

  • 3745-1-52 Numeric chemical criteria for wastewater discharges to wetlands 

  • 3745-1-53 Wetland use designation 

  • 3745-1-54 Wetland antidegradation