Water Quality Management Plan (CWA Sections 208 and 303)

Scioto River Basin and Blacklick Creek 2002 (Central Scioto Plan Update)

Text [PDF 227K]

Appendix 1 [PDF 1,486K]


Appendix 2 [PDF 277K]

Consent decree between Ohio EPA and the City of Reynoldsburg entered into on February 11, 1996

Appendix 3 [PDF 7K]

Ohio EPA public notice: Update of State Water Quality Management Plan -- Central Ohio - Scioto River Basin -- Franklin County and Portions of Fairfield, Licking, Union, Pickaway and Delaware Counties

Appendix 4 [PDF 9K]

A listing of historical Section 208 and Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) materials reviewed by Ohio EPA as part of the Central Scioto Plan Update and the action taken relative to these materials through this latest plan update

Appendix 5 [PDF 11K]

A list of stakeholders invited to participate in the development of the Blacklick Creek Urban Wastewater Management Plan

Appendix 6 [PDF 1,481K]

Water Body Segment Assessments for Streams in Columbus Metropolitan Area

Appendix 7 [PDF 16K]

Aquatic life attainment status for the existing use designations of the Blacklick Creek study area based on data collected by Ohio EPA, 1996 - 2000

Appendix 8 [PDF 10K]

Current Use Designations Under Ohio Water Quality Standards for Streams in the Blacklick Creek Watershed Effective as of March 29, 2001

Appendix 9 [PDF 5K]

The Stream Walker Report -- a photographic inventory of the mainstem of Blacklick Creek -- This PDF is the appendix cover only.

Appendix 10 [PDF 9K]

Columbus sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) discharging to streams, storm sewers, and open waterways

Appendix 11 [PDF 254K]

2000 - 2025 Land Use Forecasts by Community (Delaware, Franklin and portion of Licking and Fairfield counties)

Appendix 12 [PDF 9K]

Outline for Updating a Facility Plan for Lock-in

Appendix 13 [PDF 15K]

Outline for Storm Water Management Plan

Appendix 14 [PDF 70K]

An alphabetical listing of NPDES permit holders located within the Columbus Metropolitan Facility Planning Area showing all applicable effluent limitations and other monitored parameters

Appendix 15 [PDF 7K]

Guidance for Wastewater Generated by Commercial and Institutional Establishments within the Columbus Metropolitan Facility Planning Area