Limit Your Meals From These Waters

Limit Your Meals From These Waters

In addition to the advisories listed, Ohio EPA advises not eating snapping turtle meat from some locations.

The sport fish consumption advisory booklet lists water body areas in which one or more species of fish are contaminated.

  • Fish with low levels of contaminants are safe to eat, provided the trimming, cooking and meal frequency advice is followed. The maximum recommended frequencies for eating those fish are included in the advisory table.
  • Fish with high levels of contaminants should not be eaten. The maximum recommended frequency for eating those fish is identified in the advisory table as Do Not Eat. A table listing only the Do Not Eat fish is available here.
  • In addition to the water bodies in the advisory table, there is a statewide advisory to eat no more than one meal/week of any sport fish caught from any water body in Ohio, except for those with two meal/week or unrestricted advisories in place.

How To Use This Advisory Table

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
Body of Water Area Under Advisory Species Meal Frequency
Nemo River U.S. Route 71 to Xeno River Halibut 20" and over One/two months Mercury
    Halibut under 20" 

  • In columns 1 and 2, find the body of water and location in which you are fishing.
  • In column 3, find the kind of fish you have caught. If a length is noted, measure the fish from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail fin. Go to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Fish Species for pictures, descriptions and other information about common Ohio sport fish.
  • In column 4, find the maximum recommended meal frequency for the size and type of fish. One/week (52 meals per year), one/month (12 meals per year) and one/two months (six meals per year) is advice for how long to wait before eating your next meal of sport fish.
  • In column 5, find the contaminant causing the advisory.

Note: If your water body of interest is not listed in the advisory table, please refer to the Overall Advice table at the top of the fish consumption advisory webpage. Lake Erie walleye are in the one meal a week advice category.