eDMR PIN Information and Application

What is a PIN and Why do I Need One?

A PIN "Personal Identification Number" is simply the legal electronic signature of the person who applied for the PIN. All users who want to "submit" data in eDMR need their own personal eBusiness Center account and a PIN. Ohio EPA's Personal Identification Number Purpose and Security Requirements fact sheet provides information on the PINs purpose and security requirements.

PINs can be obtained by anyone although to gain access to a permit's reports in eDMR the applicant must either be the Responsible Official or "duly authorized representative" (i.e., authorized by the Responsible Official at the facility to enter data into eDMR and submit the data on the facilities behalf).

How to Apply for a PIN

The process to apply for a PIN begins in your personal eBusiness Center account. Beginning early 2017 the Agency moved from an all paper application process to an online method of obtaining a PIN through an identity verification process. The majority of time the system will identify ones identity and provide the PIN directly on-screen within two minutes, although a few may not be verified.  In this case one can try up to three times in a 24 hour period.  If the system cannot verify identity one can try the next day or click the on-screen link to apply via the paper process.  A form can be downloaded, printed, signed, notarized, and mailed in to the Agency. A PIN will be emailed to you as soon as the Agency receives the form -- so you can usually receive and begin using the PIN within three business days. This PIN will represent your legal signature and will not only be used for the Division of Surface Water but will be your PIN that you will use for any Division that you conduct business with via the eBusiness Center (i.e., Air Services, eDWR, etc.).  Please see the eDMR Training and User Guide located on the eDMR main page for a step by step graphical walkthrough of the process to make the application quick and easy.

Responsible Official vs. Delegated Submitter

NOTE: Be aware that each service in the eBusiness Center may have different setup requirements as to who can submit within their service. Contact the specific service administrator to make sure the steps you need to take. In eDMR, unlike other services in the eBusiness Center, the Responsible Official does not need to be involved or have an account. They "can" if they choose they want to submit the data, although they can also have another individual submit the data on their behalf. In this latter case, the RO does not need an account or be on the internet at all. Whoever is going to submit the data will need a personal account and apply for their PIN (i.e., your electronic signature). At this point you have yet to be associated to any specific facility as a submitter. You must now start the Service Activation process in your eBusiness Center account by going to "eDMR" in AVAILABLE SERVICES and clicking VIEW/EDIT under the FACILITY column. This is where you will be requesting services (i.e,. facilities) to be in your account. If you are going to "SUBMIT" data via eDMR, you will need to designate yourself as either the Responsible Official (RO) or a delegated submitter. If you are the RO, there is no other form to submit. Just select your facilities to be added to your account and they will be approved and you will have full access to the facilities DMRs. Alternately, the RO could decide not to be involved in anything online and just assign another individual as a delegated submitter (authorized by the RO to submit data on their behalf). Once you select the facility you want in your account and mark yourself as a delegated submitter, the system will give you a delegation form that will be pre-populated with your information, just have the RO sign, notarize, and mail it in. This will establish you as a delegated submitter on behalf of the Responsible Official. When we receive the delegation form, you will be approved and have full access to the facilities DMRs. Remember, all setup steps will be conducted inside of your personal eBusiness Center account!

Why do I need a PIN?

eDMR is part of an overall Agency project called the Ohio EPA eBusiness Center. The eBusiness Center allows Ohio EPA and permittees etc. to conduct business via the Internet in many ways. Many permittees want to submit data (like DMR data) and permit applications. Both of those actions fall under the federal law called the Cross Media Electronic Reporting Requirements (CROMERR). CROMERR is specific to environmental data. Ohio EPA launched the CROMERR compliant eBusiness Center on May 12, 2008, and enforces the CROMERR requirements for all data transactions, including eDMR.

CROMERR's intent is to match a person who submits data electronically with an electronic signature. Data such as eDMR submissions will have to be submitted by a person that has a unique PIN that was assigned to them through an approved CROMERR system. The current DSW system using SWIMware PINs for eDMR PINs will have to be abandoned since they do not meet CROMERR thus not approved by U.S. EPA. All permittees will be kept informed of the progress toward CROMERR and notified personally when the transition is close.

Only the person(s) who have the privilege of submitting data will need a CROMERR compliant PIN. These will be either Responsible or Authorized Officials. A facility can also have one or more staff that only have the privilege to view, create and edit DMRS...but not submit eDMR data. These people must have an eBusiness Center account, but do not need a PIN. Since they do not have the privilege of actually submitting the data, the law does not require them to have a PIN (they actually aren't "signing" anything since they don't submit the data). These users are delegated access to the reports by user that has a PIN and access to the permits reports. Once these users perform the data entry or review the data, the DMR is saved and the PIN holder can log on and submit the DMR.