Level 1 Isolated Wetland Permitting

How Do I Apply for a Level 1 Isolated Wetland Permit?

Submit the following nine items to:     Ohio EPA, Division of Surface Water
                                                                    P.O. Box 1049
                                                                    Columbus, Ohio 43216-1049
                                                                    ATTN: Isolated Wetlands Permitting

  1. A complete Level 1 Isolated Wetland Permit Application Form.

  2. A copy of the United States Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) jurisdictional determination letter.

  3. An acceptable wetland delineation performed in accordance with the most recent Corps wetland delineation manual.

  4. A completed Ohio Rapid Assessment Method (ORAM) wetland characterization form for each isolated wetland on the project site, including: Background Information, Scoring Boundary Worksheet, and Narrative Rating.

  5. A detailed description of the project.

  6. A description of the acreage of isolated wetland that will be subject to filling (including a a map showing the project footprint and wetlands).

  7. Photographs of each isolated wetland with a photograph location map.

  8. An acceptable mitigation proposal in accordance with ORC Sections 6111.022(D) and 6111.027, including the location and proposed legal mechanism for protecting the property in perpetuity. If the mitigation is to occur at a mitigation bank, also submit a demonstration that the appropriate type and amount of credits have been reserved.

  9. Applicable permit fees.

What Happens After I Submit the Level 1 Isolated Wetland Permit Application?

Upon receipt of the application, it will be logged in and assigned a project number. The project number will follow the application from "cradle to grave" and should be used on all correspondence during application review and subsequent to permitting. The application will then be assigned to the permit reviewer covering your area of the state.

Completeness Review

The first step is an "administrative only" application review to determine presence or absence of the nine required items listed above. This step is known as the "completeness review".

Ohio EPA will review the application within 15 business days of submission and will e-mail you a letter identifying whether the application is complete or not. You will be asked to acknowledge receipt of the 15-day review letter by signature and to fax or e-mail the signed acknowledgement back to us.

If the application is incomplete, our letter will specify what parts of the application package are missing. You have 60 days to provide the missing information. After 60 days, we may return the application and the review fee without further action. The application fee will not be refunded.

Technical Review

Once the application is complete, Ohio EPA has 30 days to review the technical details of the application and make a permitting decision. That decision will result in either:

  • a permit; or

  • a conclusion that filling the isolated wetland will result in a significant negative impact on state water quality and the project does not qualify for a Level 1 permit.

Granting the Permit

Level 1 isolated wetland fill impacts are authorized under a general permit that has already been developed and is valid until April 9, 2017. Therefore, you will receive a letter authorizing the use of the general permit for the proposed project.


If you need assistance with any aspect of applying for a Level 1 Isolated Wetland Permit, please contact the staff person assigned to review projects in your area of the state. See the Contacts tab.

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