Before: CDD Subsurface Fire

After: Newly Capped Landfill

In 1999, the Environmental Protection Remediation Fund was created under ORC 3734.281 (Fund 281) so that the Agency could have a source of funding to clean up sites where the Director has reason to believe there is a substantial threat to public health, safety, or the environment. Moneys deposited into the account may come from enforcement actions, bankruptcies, and other actions brought under various chapters of the Ohio Revised Code. Since the creation of this fund, DMWM has directed monetary settlements for civil penalties that have been negotiated as part of enforcement actions into the fund. As moneys have accumulated in the fund, DMWM has prioritized sites (abandoned landfills, open dumps, etc.) and contracted for site improvements. However, before any Fund 281 money is spent, site-specific financial assurance funds are used for site remediation.

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