The Ohio Revised Code provides for Ohio EPA to administer and enforce the provisions of Chapters 3714. and 3734., in particular with regard to solid waste facilities, infectious waste treatment facilities, and construction and demolition debris (C&DD) facilities.  In addition to Ohio EPA administering and enforcing the statute, Ohio law specifies that if the director determines that a local health district is both capable of and willing to enforce all applicable requirements of ORC Chapters 3734. and 3714. and the corresponding sections of the OAC, the director may place it on the approved list(s).

In 2017, 66 of Ohio’s 118 local health districts were approved to administer and enforce Ohio’s solid waste, infectious waste, and construction and demolition debris laws and regulations. These approved health districts that are responsible for issuing licenses to facilities, as well as performing inspections of facilities and initiating enforcement actions against owners and operators failing to comply with Ohio’s environmental rules; Ohio EPA provides these same services in unapproved health districts.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) Division of Materials and Waste Management conducts a survey of each approved health district on an annual basis. The purpose of the annual survey is to determine whether the health district that the director has authorized to implement the Agency’s programs has been meeting program obligations throughout the survey period.

Upcoming Licensing & Registration Service Webinar

On October 2nd at 10:00 AM DMWM will be hosting a webinar for health department staff to refresh everyone on the Licensing and Registration service in the on-line eBiz portal for the 2020 licensing year and answer any questions.  To access the webinar, please click here

The call-in number for the session is (614) 230-0229, Meeting ID 46467#

A short user guide for health department staff is available under the Guidance Documents tab below.

Health Department Licensing User Guide

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