Summaries of NFA Letters that received a CNS

Ohio’s Voluntary Action Program (VAP) was established to allow the private sector to clean up brownfields – previously-developed sites with potential contamination from industrial or commercial activity – that were not being redeveloped due to fear of litigation. The VAP sets standards for contaminated site assessment and remediation and reviews the activities conducted by certified professionals that are submitted to the Agency as No Further Action (NFA) letters to determine whether to issue covenants not to sue (CNSs).

Since 1995 the VAP has issued over 500 CNSs. Click on a site from the Google Map below, then click on the link that says, "Click here for more info" to view all of the details of the site. Please note that the data provided here does not supersede the information contained in the NFA letters and CNSs on file with the Agency.

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