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On Oct. 3, 2017, Ohio EPA held its first Sustainability Conference in Columbus. A mix of Ohio EPA staff, business and community representatives presented conference sessions for the 125 attendees. Director Craig Butler kicked off the conference with an inspiring keynote address and the Ohio Materials Marketplace was featured as a luncheon presentation. Director Butler also presented 18 Ohio organizations with 2017 Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) awards. Evaluations from the conference were very positive.

Ohio EPA realizes many businesses, communities and other organizations are moving beyond compliance and incorporating sustainable environmental practices into their daily operations. The goal of the conference was to help attendees leverage sustainable practices and resources to strengthen Ohio communities and businesses. The agenda focused on ways to become a part of the circular economy, how sustainability can improve communities, how our water resources can benefit from sustainable approaches, and the resources and incentives that can help sustainability efforts. During the event, attendees also heard from business and community leaders who shared their insight on how they've gone above and beyond to implement sustainable practices. To learn more about the conference, go to:

Some of the agenda items included:

  • Becoming a part of the circular economy.
  • Green chemistry.
  • Promoting recycling at big venues and events.
  • Integrating sustainable practices in your community.
  • Innovative approaches to protecting or restoring a community’s water bodies.
  • Jump-starting your recycling efforts.
  • Save money by saving energy.
  • Funding resources to help you install/retrofit for cleaner air.
  • Funding assistance for Ohio businesses and communities to grow, create jobs and protect the environment.