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The glass recycling program in Columbus’ Short North area is expanding, thanks to a grant from Ohio EPA. The City of Columbus, the North Market, Rumpke of Ohio, Ohio EPA, and several Short North restaurant/bar owners are expanding a pilot program.

City staff are reaching out to bar and restaurant owners, educating them about the importance to Ohio’s economy of recycling, offering them behind-the-bar recycling containers, employee training, materials to communicate their efforts to customers, containers for the curb, and hauling with an existing Columbus contract. The City is also offering participating bar or restaurant owners a waste audit to help the recycling program continue.

Columbus is also partnering with the North Market. They currently offer trash, mixed recycling and paper recycling receptacles for the public. However, all recycling materials are then mixed together in a recycling compactor. Part of the Ohio EPA grant will support the purchase of combined trash/recycling tray return stations to help diversion. The North Market is a central community hub for educating the public on waste diversion. Targeted materials include glass bottles and aluminum cans. For each merchant recruited into the program, about 1,000 pounds of recyclables per week will be diverted.

These efforts build on the previous grant-funded bar and restaurant glass recycling initiative, in partnership with the Short North Alliance and Capitol Crossroads Special Improvement District. This program included about 40 Columbus bars and restaurants that face High Street from Broad Street north to Lane Avenue. These establishments diverted 1,500 tons of material, less than a year after the project started. If you have questions about this initiative, contact Chet Chaney at (614) 728-0043 or


Columbus’ Short North District and the North Market are partnering with the City of Columbus to expand its glass recycling program.