Appendix Information for 2010 SO2 Attainment Demonstration


A - Nonattainment Area AQS SO2 Monitoring Data Retrievals

B - Nonattainment Area SO2 Emissions Inventory
    A - U.S. Census Bureau State of Ohio 2013 Population Estimates
    B - 2011 Ohio County Level Vehicle Miles Traveled Report
C - The Effective Collection of Fly Ash at Pulverized Coal-Fired Power Plants
D - Environmental Control and the CONSTEEL Process
E - Modeling Protocols
    A - Cardinal Unit 3 Parametrization
F - Lake County, OH Nonattainment Area Modeling Results
G - Eastlake Power Plant Permanent Shutdown Notification
H - Painesville Municipal Power Emissions Averaging Analysis
    A - Painesville Municipal Power Title V Permit
I - Muskingum River Power Plant Permanent Shutdown Notification
J - Muskingum River, OH Nonattainment Area Background Analysis
    A - Muskingum River, OH, Nonattainment Area 2011-2014 Hourly AQS Monitoring Data
    B - Threshold Rankings
K - Steubenville, OH-WV Nonattainment Area Modeling Results
    A - Cardinal Monitoring Network QA/QC Protocol
    B - Cardinal Monitoring Network AQS Data
 L - West Virginia’s Steubenville, OH-WV Nonattainment Area Inventory

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