Appendix Information for 2010 SO2 Attainment Demonstration - Statewide, Submittal of Amended Rules in Chapter 3745-18 of the Ohio Administrative Code


Article I

      A - Certified Copy of Rule

      B - Cross-Reference Document of Changes

      C - Comparison Documents Between Existing SIP Rules and New/Amended Rules in this Submittal

      D - Comparison Documents: Rules for Which Changes Have Been Made Since the Most Recent SIP Approval

Article II
      Copy of Public Notice and Director's Findings & Orders
Article III

      Evidence Ohio EPA Followed Rule Adoption Procedures

      A - Letter to Secretary of State and Director of LSC

      B - RSFA's Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

      C - JCARR Agenda

      D - Final Adoption Notice to LSC Director and Secretary of State

Article IV
      Hearing Transcripts
Article V
      Response to Comments

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