Appendix Information for 2010 SO2 Redesignation Request - Steubenville Oh-WV 1-Hour SO2 Nonattainment Area


A - Updated Ohio EPA SIP Modeling

B - Amended Ohio EPA rules 3745-18-(03, 04, 47)
C - 2015 to 2017 Air Quality Data
D - Steubenville, OH-WV Nonattainment Area Modeling Results (Taken from Appendix K of the October, 2015 Statewide - Revised Attainment Demonstration)
    A - Cardinal Monitoring Network QA/QC Protocol
    B - Cardinal Monitoring Network AQS Data
E - WVDEP Attainment Demonstration Modeling
F - MCH Concurrence Letters for BLP/AERMOD Hybrid Alternative Model Approach
G - U.S. EPA Memorandum “Analyses of Modeled Air Quality and Emissions of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) in the Steubenville, Ohio-West Virginia Area
H - Ohio and West Virginia EGU and non-EGU SO2 Emissions

I - Public Notice and Comment Documents
    A - Public Notice    
    B - Response to Comments



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