State Implementation Plan (SIP) - Redesignation for the PM2.5 Annual Standard

Appendix Category

Sub-category for Each Appendix

A – Air Quality System (AQS) Data

A1: 2009 State and Local Air Monitoring Monitoring Stations (SLAMS) PM 2.5 and Ozone Data Certification
A2: Cincinnati-Hamilton Area Monitoring Data 2007 - 2009 PM 2.5 Annual Standard 

B – Ohio 2005 SIP Base Year Inventory Discussion

B1: 2005 Base Year PM 2.5 SIP Inventory

C – Mobile Source Emissions Inventory for the Cincinnati Ozone Nonattainment Area

C1: OKI PM 2.5 Documentation using MOVES

D – LADCO Technical Support Document

D1: TSD Version IV April 25, 2008
D2: TSD (supplement), Sept. 12, 2008

E – Public Participation Documentation

E1: Public Notice
E2: Public Hearing Transcript
E3: Response to Comments


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