Issued Air Permits

The permits available through the links provided below are provided in PDF format. These electronic files are being provided as a courtesy to the public and regulated community to aid in access to permit application information. Please contact the appropriate District Office or Local Air Agency concerning any questions you have regarding the contents of the permit files. These permit documents have been issued from various systems since the late 1990s. Therefore, you may see representative text of what was actually issued (newer permits are presented this way), an error in the conversion of a very old electronic records (e.g., from Word Perfect to PDF), conversion of representative text from data fields or the facility-specific portions of the permit as it was issued at the time of issuance; all issues that may not fully reflect the complete actual issued document at the time it was issued. Please contact us if you experience a broken link so that we can fix it.

A public notice is published for each draft permit. Public notices are published in the largest newspaper of general circulation (usually in the legal notices section) for the county in which the facility is or is proposed to be located. If no newspaper of general circulation is published in the county, the notice will be published in a newspaper of general circulation in an adjoining county. Check here for a list of general circulation newspapers.


  • Official hard copies of permits are available for accurate verification in the Director's Journal.
  • Unauthorized attempts to alter, or to falsify, or to misuse any information, in whole or in part, contained in the electronic version of these permits are strictly prohibited and may constitute violations under both Ohio and U.S. federal laws. All violations will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law including, but not limited to, prosecution under the following Ohio and federal laws: Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Rule 2913.42 "Tampering with Records," ORC Rule 2913.31 "Forgery," ORC Rule 2913.02 "Theft," ORC Rule 2913.04 "Unauthorized use of property," 18 U.S.C. Section 1030 of the "Computer Fraud and Abuse Act."

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