≤32,000,000 gal/yr Truck loading of condensate, produced water, crude oil and petroleum liquids (GP # 20.1)

These links are used for determining qualification for and/or applying for this model general permit (GP) .

Permits are available in Microsoft Word [DOC] and Adobe Reader [PDF] formats.

 Model General Permit
*Terms and Conditions    
Title V (General PTI) [DOC] [PDF]
Non-Title V (General PTIO) [DOC] [PDF]
Qualifying Criteria [DOC] [PDF]
*Effective February 1, 2017


Applying for a general permit
General Permit Application Instructions [DOC] [PDF]
PTI/PTIO Application [DOC]
Section 1
Section 2
PTI/PTIO Application Instructions [DOC] 
EAC Form 3100 "Process Operations" [DOC] [PDF]
(Form and Instructions)
EAC Instructions for 3100 “Process Operations” [DOC]

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