Air Monitoring

The goals of the Air Monitoring Section are: to determine compliance with the ambient air quality standards; provide real-time monitoring of air pollution episodes; provide data for trend analyses, regulation evaluation and planning; and provide daily information to the public concerning the quality of the air in high-population areas, near major emission sources and in rural areas. For more detail about what we do, please explore the options below.

Air Monitoring Plans

Availability of Draft for Comment – Draft Letter Request for Monitor Relocation and Consolidation in Youngstown, Ohio
March 11, 2019: Ohio EPA is requesting USEPA approve a change to Ohio’s air monitoring program in the Youngstown area. Specifically, Ohio EPA will be consolidating monitoring at the following current locations into one site at a new location: Firestation #7 (39-099-0005) PM10 and PM2.5 FR), Oakhill (39-099-0013) SO2 and Ozone, and Headstart (39-099-0014) PM2.5 FRM and PM2.5 Continuous. The new site is expected to have similar air quality as the former sites, based on distance between sites, spatial and temporal patterns in air quality, local emissions and meteorology, jurisdictional boundaries, and terrain features. By relocating and consolidating these sites, Ohio EPA will reduce the PM2.5 FRM monitoring network in this area from two sites to one. Ohio EPA will continue to meet the minimum monitoring requirements for this area with this reduction. This relocation is being request due to logistics concerns. Additional details can be found in the draft request.

EPA will accept comments on this draft request through Thursday, April 11, 2019. Please submit your comments via email to or by mail to:

Mailing address: Jennifer Van Vlerah
                           Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, DAPC
                           Lazarus Government Center
                           P.O. Box 1049
                           Columbus, Ohio 43216-1049
Phone:      (614) 644-3696





For questions and comments about the Ohio Air Monitoring Network, please contact:

AirOhio webpages are part of a large air quality monitoring network that is operated and maintained by Ohio EPA and Local Air Agencies working under contract with Ohio EPA. Air quality information contained in our various automatically updated reports listed below is retrieved from air monitors throughout the state, each of which has instruments to measure air quality/meteorological parameters 24 hours a day (ie., carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, nitric oxides, wind speed and direction).

For more information, please visit AirOhio's website.

Air Toxics

On Aug. 3, 2006, an amendment of Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 3704.03(F) became effective as a result of Senate Bill 265 of the 126th General Assembly. The amended statute identifies the requirements for reviewing new and modified air contaminant sources with air toxic emissions. Prior to this, Ohio EPA had an "Air Toxics Policy" often referred to as "Option A." The amended statute incorporated the use of Option A into law and also required Ohio EPA to promulgate a list of toxic air contaminants that would fall under this review requirement. On Dec. 1, 2006, Ohio EPA's list of toxic air contaminants became effective in Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3745-114-01. Ohio EPA recommended 303 compounds for the toxic air contaminant list based on a review of scientific evidence available. Below you will find information regarding air toxics in general and Ohio EPA's regulation of air toxics.

For more information, please visit the Air Toxics website.

Air Monitoring Quality Assurance, Data and Reports

Quality Assurance

Data Analysis


Air Monitoring Site Reports

Annual Air Quality Report


Air Quality Trends Report

Air Quality trends in Ohio for the past 30 years, the ambient data in terms of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards and also a file with the Air Quality Index as well as an explanatory document with a summary of the trends.

  • 30 Year Trends Report [ZIP] : Consists of three files: AQI Trends 2010.xls, Trends 30 yr 10.doc, and Trnds 30.xls


Air Monitoring Contacts

Contacts Questions Regarding... Phone Number

Paul Koval, Manager

Ambient Air Monitoring and Advanced Monitoring Systems; RADSng and related OMS and EMPACT Initiatives; Air Lab Facilities Management and Safety

(614) 644-3615

Dave Ambrose

Data Analysis

(614) 644-3620

Mike Riggleman, Manager

Quality Assurance

(614) 644-3590

Phil Downey

Air Toxics Monitoring

(614) 644-3624



Air Monitoring Contacts (Lab)

Contacts Questions Regarding...
Phone Number

Mike Rath

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring and Support Instrumentation; Data Loggers; Meteorological Instrumentation

(614) 836-8790

Jim Prettyman

Sulfur Dioxide Monitoring and Support Instrumentation; Air Quality Site Monitoring Operations

(614) 836-8791

Thang Vu

Ozone Monitoring and Support Instrumentation; Air Quality Site Monitoring Operations

(614) 836-8789

Air Lab Fax


(614) 836-8810


Air Quality Partners