State Implementation Plan (SIP) - Appendix Information for Regional Haze 

Appendix Category

Sub-category for Each Appendix

A - FLM Draft Comments

A1: FLM Draft Comments Cover Letter
A2: FLM Draft Comments

B - Regional Air Quality Analysis

B2: LADCO TSD Supplement - Without CAIR

C - Emissions Inventories and Projections

C1: 2002 NEI Detailed
C2: 2002 NEI Summary
C3: 2002 NH3 Nonpoint Detail
C4: 2002 NOx Nonpoint Detail
C5: 2002 PM10 Nonpoint Detail
C6: 2002 PM25 Nonpoint Detail
C7: 2002 PM Nonpoint Detail
C8: 2002 SO2 Nonpoint Detail
C9: 2002 VOC Nonpoint Detail
C10: 2005 Emissions Inventory
C11: 2018 Projections

D - Analysis of Visibility Impacts - BART TSD

D2: BART TSD Appendices A to F-j
D3: BART TSD Appendices F-k to F-l
D4: BART TSD Appendices F-m to H

E - MANE-VU consulation summary

E1: Aug. 6, 2007 MANE-VU/MRPO Consultation Summary 
E2: Oct. 3, 2007 Ohio EPA Response
E3: June 2007 Ohio Stacks from MANE-VU Ask
E4: Sept. 2, 2009 Letter to U.S. EPA

F- Factor Analysis

F1: ECR Factor Analysis

G - Regional Haze SIP Public Participation

G1: Public Notice
G2: Hearing Transcript
G3: Glatfelter Comments
G4: National Park Service Comments
G5: Forest Service Comments
G6: Responsive Summary to Comments

H - Glatfelter BART Permit Public Participation

H1: Public Notice
H2: Glatfelter Comments
H3: Ohio EPA Response to Glatfelter
H4: Glatfelter Permit

I - 2014 Glatfelter Revision Request and Supporting


I1: Revision Request

I2: SIP Public Notice

I3: Permit Public Notice

I4: SIP Hearing Transcript

I5: National Park Service Comments on SIP

I6: Forest Service Comments on SIP

I7: National Park Service Comments on Permit 

I8: National Parks Conservation Association Comments on Permit

I9: SIP Responsive Summary to Comments

I10: Permit Responsive Summary to Comments

I11: Final Issued Revised Permit

J – Revised Regional Haze SIP Public Participation

J1: Public Hearing Notice

J2: Public Hearing Transcript

J3: National Parks Conservation Association Comments

J4: Alice Marusiok Comments

J5: Forest Service Comments

J6: Response Summary to Comments




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