Environmental Response and Revitalization Site Summary

Central Ohio Site Summaries

For more information on sites that have been or are currently being addressed by the Central District Office, click on the site name. Some sites may not be active at this time or activities at the site may have been completed. Please note that the site-specific information may be updated regularly.

Clean-up Site List

Site County Contact
Air Force Plant #85 Franklin Fred Myers
American Polishing and Plating Morrow Fred Myers
Arcair Co. Fairfield Ray Moreno
Ashville Oil Co. Pickaway Ray Moreno
B&E Landfill Pickaway Doug Crandall
Bowers Landfill Superfund Site Pickaway David O'Toole
Buckeye Terminix Co. Franklin Doug Crandall
Columbus Steel Drum Co. Franklin David O'Toole
Emery Transportation Spill Site Fayette David O'Toole
Englefield Oil Co. Transportation Spill Site Licking Doug Crandall
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Resins Plant Franklin David O'Toole
Granville Solvents, Inc. Licking Fred Myers
Hagglunds-Denison Corp. Franklin David O'Toole
Hershberger Landfill Union Fred Myers
Integrity Drive/Alum Creek Bike Path Drum Dump Franklin Fred Myers
John Mercer Property Licking  
Kaiser Aluminum Fabricated Products Licking Ray Moreno
Lockbourne Air Force Base Franklin Fred Myers
Lockbourne AFB Landfill Franklin Fred Myers
Matlack, Inc. Licking Robin Roth
Nekoosa Packaging Corp. Pickaway  
Newark Air Force Base Licking Fred Myers
Newark Processing/Licking River Bank Stabilization Project Licking Fred Myers
OHANG/Rickenbacker IAP Franklin Fred Myers
PPG Industries, Inc. Pickaway Doug Crandall
Ramp Creek Licking Fred Myers
Rankin Oil Transportation Spill Site Pickaway  
RCA Corp. Pickaway David O'Toole
Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base Franklin Fred Myers
Rockwell International Corp. Licking Fred Myers


Assessment Site List

Site County Contact
Alum Creek GI Franklin Fred Myers
American Ditch Site Assessment
Franklin Doug Crandall
Carroll Twp. Dump PCS Fairfield  
CSX Property TBA Delaware  
Franz Landfill PCS Franklin Fred Myers
Franz Landfill TBA Franklin Fred Myers
G. Frederick Smith Chemical Co. Site Reassessment Franklin Fred Myers
Integrity Drive South Drum Dump Site Assessment Franklin Fred Myers
John Mercer PA Licking  
Kaiser Aluminum Fabricated Products Site Assessment Licking Ray Moreno
Ludlow Packaging Co. Site Assessment Knox Robin Roth
Mill Creek GI Union  
Mill Creek Phase II GI Union  
Newark Processing TBA Licking Fred Myers
Old Delaware City Landfill Site Assessment Delaware Ray Moreno
St. Albans Twp. Dump PCS Licking  
Town Run PCS Union David O'Toole
Unico Landfill Site Assessment Union Fred Myers
Up Alum Creek Prop. PCS Franklin Fred Myers
Van Ness Property Site Assessment Licking Ray Moreno
Westerville Landfill PCS Franklin Fred Myers
Whittier Peninsula TBA Franklin  
1324 E. Livingston Ave. TBA Franklin  
GI = Geographic Initiative
PA = Preliminary Assessment
PCS = Pre-CERCLIS Screening
TBA = Targeted Brownfield Assessment


Voluntary Action Program Site List

Site County Contact
Adam’s Mark Hotel Franklin  
American National Can Property Licking  
Anchor Hocking Plant #2 Fairfield Fred Myers
Anomatic Property Franklin Ray Moreno
B&T Metals/Eickholt Glass USD Franklin Robin Roth
Berry Brothers Property Franklin  
Big Bear Store #256 Franklin Robin Roth
Broad and High Redevelopment Property Franklin Robin Roth
Central High School/COSI Property Franklin  
Chemserv Environmental Property Franklin  
Columbus Auto Parts Franklin David O'Toole
Columbus Coated Fabrics USD Franklin Fred Myers
Custom Cartons, Inc. Licking  
Custom Cleaners Property Franklin  
Doherty Road Site Franklin  
Dow Chemical Facility/Norton Road Franklin  
Dowell Property Licking  
Dynacraft Golf Products, Inc. Licking David O'Toole
East Lancaster Development Corridor USD Fairfield  
ECOL Bedford LF #1/Columbus Tile Yard Franklin Ray Moreno
ECOL Bedford LF #1/5799 Taylor Road Franklin Ray Moreno
ECOL Bedford LF #1/Value Recovery Group II LLC Property Franklin Ray Moreno
Goldberg East Property Franklin David O'Toole
Gowdy Field Franklin Doug Crandall
Gowdy Field USD Franklin Doug Crandall
Handwell Property Franklin  
Harrisburg Pike Shopping Center Franklin Doug Crandall
Harrisburg Pike Shopping Center USD Franklin Doug Crandall
Harrison West Franklin Ray Moreno
Hopewell Drive Property Licking  
1316 Indianola Ave. Franklin  
Jeffery Place Franklin Robin Roth
Kilgore Property Delaware  
Kingsford Ornamental Bldg Products Fairfield  
Lane Avenue Shopping Center Franklin Ray Moreno
Lazarus Center Franklin Doug Crandell
Liberty Place Franklin Fred Myers
Lucent Columbus Works Franklin Doug Crandall
1861-1867 McKinley Ave. Franklin  
Menard Property Franklin Robin Roth
Miranova Property and three City of Columbus Properties USD Franklin Doug Crandall
Miranova Property/Commercial Franklin Doug Crandall
Miranova Property/Residential Franklin Doug Crandall
New Albany Apartments Franklin  
1268 N. Fourth St. Franklin  
Otterbein College Equine Facility Delaware Fred Myers
Pen West Area USD Franklin Robin Roth
Rite Aid Property Franklin  
Schuler Manufacturing Property Franklin  
Seneca Hotel Franklin Ray Moreno
Smith Brothers Hardware Property Franklin David O'Toole
The Stanley Works Fayette Fred Myers
Superior Fibers, Inc. Fairfield Ray Moreno
Swan Cleaners Graceland Franklin  
Swan Cleaners Property/Lane Avenue Franklin  
Swan Cleaners Property/Worthington Mall Franklin  
Swan Cleaners Store #49/Worthington Centre Franklin Ray Moreno
Techneglas, Inc. Facility Property  Franklin Robin Roth
Timken Bearing Plant USD Franklin Doug Crandall
TSARR Pad E Property Franklin Ray Moreno
Wal-Mart Supercenter Store #3447 Franklin Ray Moreno
Watermark Peninsula Franklin  
Wheatland Avenue Site Franklin Ray Moreno
Whittier Peninsula Grange Audubon Nature Center Franklin Ray Moreno
Whittier Peninsula Lazarus Distribution Center and Portions of Koch Asphalt and Cunard-Lang Properties Franklin Ray Moreno
Whittier Peninsula Northern Tier Franklin Ray Moreno
Woodward Opera House Knox Doug Crandall
Woods of Powell Greenspace Franklin  
USD = Urban Setting Designation    

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