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Pilot Chemical Company of Ohio, Ohio EPA Agree on Civil Penalty

Company Will Correct Deficiencies in Risk Management Plan

Pilot Chemical Company of Ohio (Pilot Chemical), located at 606 Shepherd Drive, Lockland, has agreed to correct deficiencies in its risk management plan as part of a settlement with Ohio EPA.

The company produces detergent-grade sulfonic acid, synthetic detergents, surfactants and emulsifiers. As part of its process, it uses sulfur dioxide and sulfur trioxide.

Ohio law requires facilities that have greater than a threshold amount of certain materials file a risk management plan with Ohio EPA. The plans outline a program to prevent accidental releases, which includes staff training and handling procedures for working with the chemical as well as describing a worst-case scenario.

The worst-case scenario is useful in case of emergency releases. Companies often coordinate plan development with local fire departments and other emergency responders.

During an October 2004 inspection, Ohio EPA determined that Pilot Chemical had seven violations of the rules that govern risk management plans. These violations were resolved in December 2004.

However, in March 2011, Ohio EPA conducted an audit and found four repeat violations of problems found in 2004. Outstanding issues include three-year refresher training about operating procedures and updating drawings for the process after modifications from 2006. The company must submit documentation that these have been resolved to Ohio EPA by March 23, 2012.

Of the $21,250 civil penalty the company agreed to pay for the violations, $17,000 will go to Ohio EPA’s Risk Management Plan fund; $4,250 will go to Ohio EPA’s Clean Diesel School Bus Program Fund.


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