MEDIA CONTACT: Heather Lauer

Ohio EPA Settles with Arcanum for Wastewater Treatment Plant Violations

Village Must Submit Compliance Plan

Ohio EPA and the village of Arcanum have agreed to a plan for the village to upgrade its wastewater treatment system.
Under the settlement, Arcanum agreed to:

  • Establish a schedule to come into compliance with its permit limits;
  • Submit engineering plans and an application to upgrade the wastewater treatment facility;
  • Complete construction within 14 months after receiving an approved permit to install the upgrades; and
  • Come into compliance with the law and permit limits six months after construction is complete.

The agreement includes a provision to allow the parties to negotiate a modification if the village is not able to meet any of the timeframes established.

Since 2004, the village has not met permit standards which negatively affected the quality of Painter Creek. Arcanum’s most recent discharge permit included a schedule for the village to upgrade its equipment but the village has not returned to compliance.


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