Asbestos Material Dumped in Swanton Area Woods; Ohio EPA Seeks Information to Nab Dumper

A large quantity of pipe insulation containing asbestos was illegally dumped on a property near Swanton last fall. Ohio EPA is seeking assistance from anyone who may have seen activity at the dump site or at an area commercial or school building.  

The material was discovered in November 2012 on a residential property in the mid-10,000 block of Stateline Road, west of Nature Conservancy property.  There is an unoccupied residence on the approximately 10-acre parcel. 

The pipe insulation probably was used on heating system pipe of approximately eight inches in diameter. It is possible that the pipe was removed or stolen from a building by people looking for scrap metal. 

The insulation contains friable (easily crumbled) asbestos. Friable asbestos fibers can become airborne and when inhaled deeply into the lungs can cause serious health problems. Because of the significant health risks, asbestos is a highly regulated material with special handling and disposal requirements

An Ohio EPA investigation is underway. The Agency believes someone may have seen trucks entering the property to dump the material, or may know of a building where scrappers removed heating and air conditioning pipes. 

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Rick Hassinger at Ohio EPA’s Northwest District Office in Bowling Green at (419) 352-8461 or (800) 686-6930.  


EDITOR’S NOTE: A high resolution photo of the dumped material is available here.

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