Electronic Discharge Monitoring Report Submission System (eDMR)

The Electronic Discharge Monitoring Report (eDMR) data reporting system is entirely web-based and accessible via Internet Explorer through any internet connection. It is accessible via the Ohio EPA eBusiness Center which is a secure portal for online business services.

How to Sign Up for eDMR

eDMR is the required submittal method for Form 4500 & 4519 monthly and semiannual wastewater reports and industrial storm water analytical monitoring results. Access to eDMR is gained through your personal eBusiness Center account. All new users start by creating an Ohio EPA eBusiness Center account. Once logged in, if you are going to submit reports, apply for your PIN (its your electronic signature) . Once you receive your PIN you can add all of your facilities to gain access to their reports and submit data when required. eDMR provides many features, some include: ability to copy and paste from Microsoft Excel; secure internet access; user-friendly interface; ability to import XML files from other database software; more than one user account can have access to a facility's reports; and delegation of rights so others can perform data entry.  All permitted facilities have access to their reports and can submit their data each month via eDMR; the information is automatically loaded into the Agency's database. Transmittal is fast and efficient. The Division of Surface Water is developing additional components of the system to allow users to submit NPDES permit renewals and access other forms in the future.

Top Tips for Submitting DMRs:

  1. Emailing questions to James.Roberts@epa.ohio.gov is the quickest way to get assistance.
  2. Remember your user name and password. You need those each month to use eDMR.
  3. Your PIN is your legal electronic signature. Keep it secure.
  4. When entering your password &  PIN remember that they are case sensitive.
  5. Do not exceed 5 decimal places to the right of the decimal (ex. 0.12345 is the max).
  6. AA codes now include the MDL in the same cell separated by a space (i.e., AA 0.05).
  7. Do not put a comment in a day that does not have data in it; you will get an error.
  8. No discharge this month? Just check the "NO DISCHARGE" box at the top of the report.
  9. If you have a lot of data to enter, try the copy & paste method from Microsoft Excel.
  10. Reporting Lab and Analyst are REQUIRED fields. Don't forget to fill them in.

eDMR Training and User Guide

Check here for the latest eDMR user tools as well as information on upcoming eDMR training session dates and locations. eDMR trainings can be scheduled at any time at any location. Contact the eDMR administrator by email or at (614) 644-2054 if you have questions, run into eDMR problems, are interested in hosting an eDMR training session, or to reserve a seat at a scheduled training.




eDMR All-in-One Document
[PDF, 414 KB]


This document contains everything you need to utilize the eDMR online data submittal system...Remember to Download all Attachments!

Attachment 1
[PDF, 1.9 MB]


eDMR Graphical Walkthrough:  This "must have" document provides you with screenshots of every step in eDMR from A to Z.

Attachment 2
[PDF, 1.9 MB]


eDMR User's Guide: This document is a technical in-depth look at the different aspects of e-DMR.

Attachment 3
[PDF, 929 KB]


PIN Application & Service Activation: This document includes screenshots of every step to receive a PIN & activate your eDMR Service.

ePay Walkthrough
[PDF, 3.3 MB]


ePay Service Walkthrough: This quick graphical walkthrough document includes screenshots of every step in paying your Ohio EPA fees.

Electronic Signatures (PINS)

Apply for your PIN through your eBusiness Center account. All users who wish to submit data through the system must apply for this PIN. Click here for details. 

Preliminary Compliance Reports (PCR)

Overnight notice of any compliance issues with your submittal. CLICK HERE for details.

Ohio EPA eBusiness Center

To access or create a personal account, go to Ohio EPA eBusiness Center.

Administrator's Contact Info

Don't hesitate to contact the eDMR administrator either by email or phone if you have questions pertaining to eDMR. eDMR has been a great success -- the number of users (both submitters and preparers) is close to 10,000, and the number of facilities reporting data online is close to 4,500 each month. The preferred method of communication is through email as the administrator can email you personalized click-by-click instructions. If you leave a voice mail or send an email, you will receive expert advice from the administrator -- nearly 95% of technical assistance requests are handled within 30 minutes, but can take up to 24 hours if the administrator is out of the office or away from the desk.

James Roberts
e-DMR Administrator

Division of Surface Water
50 West Town Street, Suite 700
Columbus, OH 43215


Phone: (614) 644-2054
eBusiness Center (PINS & Passwords): (877) 372-2499