Electronic Business Services

Ohio EPA Division of Surface Water Electronic Business Services features a collaborative group of value-added innovative solutions for reporting data, submitting applications and forms, and transferring fast and secure fee payments. In 2007, the release of the Electronic Discharge Monitoring Report Submission System (eDMR) brought immediate efficiencies to reporting monitoring data and received national recognition for its innovations. As of 2015, over 5000 permitted entities submit monthly data via eDMR. This represents 100% of the reporting requirements being submitted electronically – eliminating 1000s of hard copy submittals and subsequently elevating compliance performance levels tremendously.

The upcoming release of the Surface Water Tracking, Reporting, and Electronic Application Management System (STREAMS) will make accessible dozens of previously hardcopy-only applications and forms via the Ohio EPA eBusiness Center. The efficient and seamless electronic submittal of these forms will be a value-added service for both the public and Agency staff. Alongside STREAMS sits the Agency’s newly released ePayment service for fast and secure fee payment transactions via credit card or bank account transfer.