Division of Surface Water Rules and Laws

The Division of Surface Water (DSW) develops and enforces rules in the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC).

Ohio EPA surface water quality protection and wastewater pollution control regulations are located in OAC Chapters 3745-1 to 3745-5, 3745-11, 3745-32 to 3745-33, 3745-36, 3745-38 to 3745-40, 3745-42 and 3745-45. Additional chapters are added as needed to address new laws and requirements related to surface waters.

Proposing new rules and amending existing rules is a regular activity conducted by Ohio EPA in response to laws passed by the Ohio General Assembly and federal rule requirements. DSW is required by federal law to review water quality standards regulations every three years and by state law to review rules at least once every five years to ensure their continued need and relevance.

During the Ohio rule-making process, rules pass through four phases: early stakeholder outreach, draft review, proposal to the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review, and final adoption. To view the rules currently in each of these phases, please see the tabs below.

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Additional information on the Ohio EPA rule-making process and information on Agency-wide rules can be found on the Agency Rules and Laws page.

401 Program Rules and Wetland Antidegradation Stakeholder Meetings

Ohio EPA is in the process of reviewing the administrative rules for the Section 401 Water Quality Certification program (Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Chapters 3745-32 and 45). These rules were released for early stakeholder outreach on Feb. 9, 2015, and the comment deadline was March 11, 2015.

We have scheduled four regional stakeholder meetings to collect additional input before we draft rules for interested party review.

The Agency is also in the process of revising the Wetland Antidegradation rule (OAC 3745-1-54), which was originally made available for interested party review from April 17, 2013, to May 17, 2013. A portion of each meeting will be used to discuss additional revisions and gain feedback prior to a second interested party review.

Please see the Announcements tab below for meeting dates and locations.If you have any questions, please email Melinda Harris or call (614) 728-1357.

Questions? Email Melinda Harris or call (614) 728-1357.