Section 401 Illegal Fill Complaint Form

Ohio EPA relies on public input to help identify activities that may be taking place and that do not have proper authorization from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or Ohio EPA. If you suspect that unauthorized filling activities are taking place in Ohio, fill in and submit the form below and Agency staff will follow up on that information.

Mail, fax or email the completed form to Ohio EPA.

Complaint Form Instructions

The form is divided into 5 sections. Please fill in the form as completely as you can.  Although no part of the form is required, the more information you provide, the better we will be able to investigate your complaint.

Section 1 - Suspected Violator

Identify who you believe is conducting the unauthorized activity. It can be a company or an individual. We are also looking for information that will help us contact the suspected violator. The address information is related to the suspected violator and may be different from the site information in Section 3. Finally, we ask if you are aware of any others who may have information about the activity. This includes agencies or individuals that you may have contacted about this issue.

Section 2 - Detailed Description of Activity

In this section, we would like to know what kind of activity is taking place, when it is taking place, and what kind of equipment is being used. Pictures can also be provided if available.

Section 3 - Location of Alleged Violation

This is the single most important information that we need to investigate a complaint. This section includes a variety of different ways to locate a potential violation, including the submission of maps. While there is no required method of identifying the location, some means of locating the complaint site must be provided.

Section 4 - Personal Contact information

If you would like follow up contact, please fill in the appropriate information. None of his information is required. You should be aware that under Ohio Public Records Law, Ohio EPA must provide this information to anyone who requests it.

Section 5 - Agency Contact Information

Submit the completed form to the Ohio EPA Division of Surface Water by:

  • Email:

  • Fax:  (614) 644-2745  or

  • Postal mail:  
    Ohio EPA Division of Surface Water
    401 / Wetlands Section
    P.O. Box 1049
    Columbus, Ohio 43216-1049

Upon receipt of the complaint, a staff person from the 401/Wetlands program will be assigned to investigate the complaint. The investigation generally includes a review of Agency files, contact with other regulatory agencies, and a site visit if appropriate.

You can also submit a complaint over the phone by contacting a 401 Coordinator.

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