Level 2 Isolated Wetland Permitting

How do I apply for a Level 2 Isolated Wetland Permit?

We recommend that you consider requesting a pre-application meeting before applying for a permit.

Submit the following 11 items to:

Ohio EPA, Division of Surface Water 
P.O. Box 1049
Columbus, OH 43216-1049
ATTN: Isolated Wetlands Permitting

  1. Complete Level 1 and Level 2 Isolated Wetland Permit Application Forms
  2. A copy of the United States Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) jurisdictional determination letter
  3. An acceptable wetland delineation performed in accordance with the most recent Corps wetland delineation manual
  4. A completed Ohio Rapid Assessment Method (ORAM) wetland characterization form for each isolated wetland on the project site, including: Background Information; Scoring Boundary Worksheet; and Narrative Rating
  5. A detailed description of the project
  6. A description of the acreage of isolated wetland that will be subject to filling (including a a map showing the project footprint and wetlands)
  7. Photographs of each isolated wetland with a photograph location map
  8. An acceptable mitigation proposal in accordance with ORC Sections 6111.022(D) and 6111.027, including the location and proposed legal mechanism for protecting the property in perpetuity (if the mitigation is to occur at a mitigation bank, also submit a demonstration that the appropriate type and amount of credits have been reserved)
  9. Applicable permit fees
  10. An analysis of practicable on-site alternatives to the proposed filling that would have less adverse impact on the isolated wetland ecosystem
  11. Information indicating whether high quality waters (defined in OAC rule 3745-1-05 ) are to be avoided by the proposed filling

What happens after I submit the Level 2 Isolated Wetland Permit Application?

Upon receipt of the application, it will be logged in and assigned a project number. The project number will follow the application from "cradle to grave" and should be used on all correspondence during application review and subsequent to permitting. The application will then be assigned to the permit reviewer covering your area of the state.

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