Materials and Waste Management Rules and Laws

Hazardous Waste Management and Cessation of Regulated Operations (CRO)

This Division of Materials and Waste Management (DMWM) page provides information and access to current and pending rules on Ohio’s RCRA-based Hazardous Waste Management program and Ohio’s Cessation of Regulated Operations (CRO) program. 

The tabs below provide information and the status of specific DMWM rule development activities and opportunities for public input as well as the status of draft, proposed, and effective rules. 

Links to general information which may be of use to individuals interested in rules or the rule-making process is found under the additional information tab. These sites include the Register of Ohio, which contains all state agency rule proposal packages, and the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review, which is the state legislative committee responsible for the review and processing of all state agency rules.

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