Solid Waste Management Planning

The State Plan represents Ohio's plan for reducing the state's reliance on landfills for the management of solid waste generated in the state.

The overriding responsibility of the Planning Unit is to work with the Solid Waste Management Advisory Council (SWAC) to create, update, and monitor implementation of the State Solid Waste Management Plan (State Plan). The State Plan establishes waste reduction and recycling goals to be achieved by the state and establishes strategies for the appropriate management of the state's solid waste stream. Implementation of the programs that allow Ohio to achieve the waste reduction goals is performed by a variety of state and local officials.  Most of these officials work for or represent solid waste management districts (SWMDs). Thus, the Planning Unit spends a great deal of time providing technical assistance to and coordinating the activities of the solid waste management districts.  The ultimate objective of Ohio's solid waste management planning unit is to ensure that the SWMDs provide for adequate disposal capacity for solid waste generated in the state and that residents, businesses, and industries in Ohio have access to and participate in recycling opportunities.

This page is intended as an information clearinghouse for solid waste management districts (SWMDs) and others with interest in solid waste management in Ohio.