Materials Management Advisory Council (MMAC)

The Ohio Materials Management Advisory Council (MMAC) was established in 2015 through Ohio House Bill 64. The primary purpose of the council is to provide advice and guidance to the Director of Ohio EPA on solid waste issues, including updates to the State Solid Waste Management Plan and Ohio EPA’s recycling and litter prevention grant programs. The council is also tasked with facilitating partnerships that expand markets for recycled commodities.

The council is comprised of thirteen members appointed by the Governor to serve three year terms. The composition of the council is designed to include key stakeholders in Ohio’s comprehensive solid waste management system and includes representatives from:

MMAC meets at least twice a year at Ohio EPA’s central office in downtown Columbus. All meetings are open to the public. For more information, please contact Ernie Stall.
  • Solid Waste Management Districts;
  • Health Districts;
  • Counties;
  • Municipal Corporations;
  • Townships;
  • Statewide environmental advocacy groups;
  • Private sector industries;
  • The general public.
Seat Member Affiliation Term Expires
Health Districts Charles DeJonckheere Hamilton County Health Department July 1, 2020
County Commissioner John Bayliss
Logan County Commissioners
July 1, 2019
Jennifer Fenderbosch
City of Avon Lake 
July 1, 2020
Paul Wise
Genoa Township (Delaware County)
July 1, 2018 
Solid Waste Management Districts
Jenna Hicks
Delaware-Knox-Marion-Morrow Joint SWMD
July 1, 2019
Environmental Advocacy Organization
Frank Szollosi
National Wildlife Federation
July 1, 2018
General Public
Kelly Bensman
Hull & Associates
July 1, 2018
Private Sector Kimberly McConville Ohio Soft Drink Association July 1, 2019
Private Sector
Michael Dinneen
Construction and Demolition Debris Association of Ohio
July 1, 2020
Private Sector
Kathy Trent
Waste Management, Inc
July 1, 2020
Private Sector
Alex Boehnke
Ohio Council of Retail Merchants
July 1, 2020
Private Sector
Brian Winter
Scotts Miracle-Gro
July 1, 2019
Private Sector
Beth Mowrey 
Shelly Company
July 1, 2019


 October 18, 2017
 Meeting starts at 10 a.m.
 Ohio EPA Central Office
 50 W. Town St, Suite 700
 Columbus, OH 43215 

If you are interested in attending please contact Ernest Stall to RSVP.

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