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Composting and Ohio’s Food Scrap Recovery Initiative

Did you know an average household throws away around 474 pounds of food waste each year? If food scraps from every home in Ohio were piled on a football field, it would reach as high as the Willis Tower (former Sears Tower) in Chicago - more than 1,450 feet! If we pile food scraps from all households in the United States on a football field, it would be more than five miles (26,400 feet) high!

New Consolidated Application for DEFA’s Water and Wastewater Loans

In 2017, DEFA’s Office of Financial Assistance (OFA) will offer a new user-friendly consolidated loan application.

Division of Surface Water (DSW) Electronic Forms Available!

Ohio EPA’s Division of Surface Water (DSW) announces beginning in January 2017, electronic forms available!

WRRSP Open House a Success

On Dec. 6, 2016, DEFA hosted a well-attended gathering of Water Resource Restoration Sponsor Program (WRRSP) stakeholders, including project sponsors, consultants, city and regional park district representatives, SWCD offices, land conservancies and ODNR.

Material Exchanges – Watch for the New Ohio Materials Marketplace!

Does your business have waste material or product that can be re-used by another business?

Green Chemistry and Safer Choices

Green chemistry involves the design of chemical products and processes that help reduce or eliminate hazardous substances. Industry, government and academia all play roles developing, implementing and promoting green chemistry and safer products in the marketplace. In October, the University of Toledo hosted a webinar/workshop on this topic with presenters from Spartan Chemical Company, the University of Toledo, U.S. EPA and Ohio EPA.

I Received My Air Permit… Now What?

You have identified equipment and processes at your facility that are sources of air pollution, and submitted applications for these sources to Ohio EPA or your local air agency. Now that you have received your air permit, have you met all your regulatory requirements under Ohio EPA’s air program? Not exactly.

The New Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) Platinum Level Award

Ohio EPA Director Butler announced a new Platinum Level for the Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) Awards on August 31st at Ohio EPA’s Compliance Assistance Conference in Columbus. This top level recognizes organizations that go above and beyond, including demonstrating how their environmental stewardship efforts improve the social wellbeing of the local community, region and/or a larger geographic area, and how these efforts result in long term societal benefits.

Ohio EPA Recognizes 2016 Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) Award Winners

Ohio EPA Director Butler presented nine Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) Awards on August 31 at Ohio EPA’s Compliance Assistance Conference in Columbus. Ohio’s E3 program recognizes businesses, nonprofits and governmental agencies for going above and beyond compliance with requirements while demonstrating environmental excellence.

Does my business need an industrial storm water permit?

Storm water runoff is rain and snow melt that runs off the land and hard surfaces, paved streets and parking lots, directly entering streams, rivers and lakes. It picks up pollutants like chemicals, oils, trash and dirt from surface areas and from outdoor business activities, including outside material storage handling and production. Pollutants then enter water bodies and can degrade the quality of the waters and pose threats to human health and wildlife.