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Who Regulates What? Who Do I Call?

With so many state departments and agencies, it can be difficult to determine exactly who handles a particular issue. Ohio EPA often receives comments or questions about environmental issues that we can’t address because the laws give that authority to other departments. For example, people often call Ohio EPA about radon or lead paint in their home even though the Ohio Department of Health is the designated agency for regulating those issues.

A helpful resource is the “About” tab located on Ohio EPA’s main web page

After clicking this tab, you will find other tabs such as How We’re Organized, Topics Index, and What We Don’t Do that can help you locate the appropriate contact person or agency for your particular issue. You will also find other topics under Quick Links for frequently asked questions, submitting a complaint, getting a list of county contacts, and requesting public records.

If you are still stuck, feel free to contact our hotline at 1-800-329-7518 for assistance.