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Material Exchanges – Watch for the New Ohio Materials Marketplace!

Does your business have waste material or product that can be re-used by another business?

If you answered yes, then the new Ohio Materials Marketplace launching in January of 2017 might interest you. Material exchanges connect entities so they can re-use or recycle by-products or waste materials. Companies provide information about the type of material, amount generated and other relevant information. This is shared on the exchange with other companies, who then decide if they can re-use the material in their production process or recycle the material into another product.

Public, private, or non-profit entities operate exchanges, usually as an information clearinghouse. The entity provides the connection for companies to exchange materials, not the warehousing or the actual material exchange. Exchanges used to publish monthly or quarterly catalogues, but now are primarily online marketplaces that list available and wanted materials. Program administrators work to promote the exchange to businesses offering or desiring materials they wish to exchange.

Material exchanges, while not a new idea, are picking up traction in the circular economy, as more people and businesses try to reduce the waste they generate. The material exchange platform provides opportunities for companies to save money and energy, and create new jobs. Ohio’s cross section of agricultural, manufacturing, and automotive industries will provide synergy for many types of businesses interested in participating on the new Ohio exchange. So, look for the new Ohio Materials Marketplace in January 2017. If you have questions on our new exchange, please contact Joseph Klatt at, or (614) 644-3469.