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The New Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) Platinum Level Award

Ohio EPA Director Butler announced a new Platinum Level for the Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) Awards on August 31st at Ohio EPA’s Compliance Assistance Conference in Columbus. This top level recognizes organizations that go above and beyond, including demonstrating how their environmental stewardship efforts improve the social wellbeing of the local community, region and/or a larger geographic area, and how these efforts result in long term societal benefits.

The E3 program is open to any business, industry, trade association, professional organization or local government of Ohio. Applications are accepted annually and include written and onsite evaluations. Applicants must be in compliance with environmental laws and regulations for a year prior to submittal of their application and during the application review process.

Platinum Level Benefits Include:

  • A certificate of recognition signed by the Director.
  • A listing on the Ohio EPA website and program highlights in Ohio EPA publications;
  • An E3 flag to hang at the recipient’s location.
  • An Ohio EPA news release touting the recipient’s environmental accomplishments.
  • Invitation to an awards ceremony.
  • A case study to publicize the recipient’s proactive approach to environmental stewardship.
  • The opportunity to work with Ohio EPA on benefits that include enhanced environmental assistance, annual Director’s meeting, reporting flexibility, reduced inspection frequency, reduced time to obtain permit modifications, frequent updates on environmental stewardship information, marketing opportunities to highlight environmental accomplishments and other options.
  • An individualized specially-engraved E3 Platinum Level Award.
  • An award presentation at the recipient’s location.

Applicants submit a narrative incorporating the criteria that apply to their environmental stewardship program. They also need to provide additional information describing how their overall environmental stewardship program addresses seven social sustainability criteria or indicate why one or more of the criteria are not applicable.

Ohio EPA evaluates applications using the 19 environmental stewardship criteria used in the E3 Silver and Gold Levels along with the social sustainability criteria. For more information about Ohio EPA’s E3 program and the recognition levels, visit Interested in applying for recognition for your organization under the E3 p(E3) program? If so, please visit our webpage or call (800) 329-7518. We would be glad to help guide you through the process and get your organization the recognition it deserves.

“It is important to encourage Ohioans to keep their environment healthy. To build on the E3 recognition program, the new Platinum Level will recognize organizations that have expanded their environmental programs beyond their own facility, to make a positive impact on the surrounding community.”– Ohio EPA Director, Craig W. Butler

The social sustainability criteria are:

  • Product or service design
  • Community education
  • Improving the supply and delivery chain
  • Sharing information about environmental impacts
  • Local environmental priorities
  • Maintaining ecosystems
  • Community support