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Case Study — Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) Gold Award Winner — University Hospitals Case Medical Center

Hospitals can be the largest employers in a community and can positively impact the environment when they pursue stewardship activities. In 2015, University Hospitals Case Medical Center (UHCMC) became the first hospital in Ohio to join as a Gold Level member of the E3 program. UHCMC participates in the challenges of the Practice Greenhealth Healthier Hospitals Initiative: Less Waste, Safer Chemicals, Leaner Energy, Smarter Purchasing, Healthier Foods and the Engaged Leadership Challenges.

Some of the stewardship activities at UHCMC include:

  • Retrofitting lighting in operating rooms to LEDs, conserving energy and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Reformulating contents of the surgical kits, reducing waste and landfill costs.
  • Purchasing green bathroom, window and carpet cleaners.
  • Increasing recycling rates for medical plastics to more than 50 tons, doubling the amount of plastics diverted from the landfill in the last year reported.
  • Improving food composting efforts, diverting more than 67 tons of organic food from landfills.
  • Recognizing employees for their efforts to promote health and wellness and save money. Engagement challenges are promoted to encourage employee wellness and sustainability. Participants are offered discounts on their health insurance premiums while also communicating sustainability goals.

If you represent a hospital and are interesting in pursuing environmental stewardship activities, these resources are available to help you:

The Ohio Hospital Association also recognizes outstanding environmental performance by hospitals through award programs.

  “UHCMC actively seeks opportunities to promote social, economic and environmental well-being by building well, operating well, buying well and living well.” — University Hospitals’ CEO, Thomas F. Zenty III 
University Hospital Case Medical Center’s Himanshu Pandya, Ohio EPA Director Craig Butler, Melissa Braskie, and Dr. Michael Anderson. 


The E3 program provides three recognition levels: Achievement, Silver and Gold. The Gold Level recognizes organizations that are in environmental compliance, have completed environmental stewardship activities, and are committed to pursuing long-term environmental improvement projects. Any organization in Ohio may apply for membership. Applications are accepted annually and include both written and on-site evaluations.

Interested in applying for recognition for your organization under the E3 Program? If so, please visit or call (800) 329-7518. We would be glad to help guide you through the process and get your organization the recognition it deserves.