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Free Pollution Prevention (P2) On-Site Assistance Saves Money and Reduces Waste

Are you interested in increasing profits, productivity and efficiency while reducing costs? Businesses and other organizations interested in waste reduction and sustainable practices can get free, confidential on-site assessments to help identify these opportunities from the Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention (OCAPP).

A second set of eyes on your operations by our P2 specialists may help you uncover opportunities to reduce waste and save money. Our goal is to provide an on-site assessment that focuses on areas with the greatest potential for waste reductions and cost savings. This could include help meeting your sustainability, environmental management system or zero waste goals.

How It Works

OCAPP staff will spend 2-4 hours visiting your organization at a date and time convenient to you. The visit consists of an opening meeting to review background information; a tour of your business to examine processes and operations; and a closing meeting to collect additional information and review initial suggestions to help you reduce waste and save money. The site visit is NOT a compliance or regulatory inspection, rather a technical assistance visit to help you improve your operations through waste minimization and other sustainable practices.

What You Get

Within 30 days after the site visit, you will get a report detailing recommendations on ways to prevent pollution. The report includes recommendations on improving operation practices, material substitutions, process modifications and recycling opportunities. The recommendations may range from simple steps to implement P2/sustainable practices to more substantial modifications. Case studies, white papers and vendor information are provided to support assessment recommendations and make it easier for you to implement the recommendations you choose.

You are not obligated to implement the recommendation in the final report. It’s strictly a tool for you to use while evaluating process improvements at your organization. If you would like to schedule a visit or find out more, please call one of our environmental specialists at (800) 329-7518 or visit