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Helping communities and businesses access compliance, technical and financial assistance for their environmental needs.

Ohio EPA’s Web Resources for Pollution Prevention (P2)

Ohio EPA’s Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention offers non-regulatory pollution prevention assistance to help Ohio businesses save money and benefit the environment. P2 means avoiding pollution at the source rather than trying to control it afterward. To learn more, go to our online training Pollution Prevention: The Basics, or Pollution Prevention: The Basics fact sheet. To learn how to set up a P2 or sustainability program, go to our Pollution Prevention-Getting Started fact sheet.

OCAPP publishes many fact sheets on P2. They can be accessed from Ohio EPA's publication catalog. You can browse the topic categories or search with keywords. For example, there are 22 P2 case studies listed, and a search of green buildings turned up 16 links on this topic.

We also offer training sessions, including webinars. You can access archived training in our Training Catalog. You can browse by topic or search with keywords. Some training examples are: Baseline Sustainability Training, which reviews the basic concepts of sustainability and how P2 is an integral part of sustainable practices; and Green Chemistry Training, which helps businesses identify P2 and cost-saving opportunities through Green Chemistry.

To learn about recycling, visit our website. Ohio EPA also maintains a vendor database to help you find recycling and other service providers. We also maintain mailing lists providing resources such as division newsletters, fact sheets, training announcements, information about funding opportunities, etc. To subscribe to Ohio EPA’s electronic mailing lists, visit For P2 related topics, subscribe to the Division of Environmental and Financial Assistance (DEFA) lists. Ohio EPA’s FAQ (formerly Answer Place) provides answers to many questions that have been asked before. You can also submit your own questions there.

In addition to P2 assistance, OCAPP also provides free and confidential assistance to help small businesses comply with Ohio’s environmental requirements. For more information about OCAPP’s services, please call (800) 329-7518.