Process Control Assistance for Package Plants


A comprehensive technical assistance program offering in-class and onsite training, tools and ongoing technical support to help operators of small wastewater treatment plants achieve compliance.






Ohio EPA has long been working collaboratively with Ohio communities to better manage their wastewater treatment plant operations and, consequently, comply with permit requirements. This effort has been based on combining the use of relatively low-cost testing equipment and operational know-how to measure relevant parameters within the treatment process (rather than end-of-pipe) and making the appropriate process adjustments, thereby, yielding a higher quality effluent. This approach has been successful as it has helped communities remain in compliance with permit limits, reduced the discharge of pollutants into Ohio’s water bodies and fostered collaborative relationships between agency personnel and the Ohio communities and businesses we serve.

In 2015, Ohio EPA partnered with the Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA) to create a structured training program focused specifically on small package plants across the state that were out of compliance. The training program includes the following components:

  • An in-person training session (up to five contact hours through in-class and onsite sessions);
  • A process control tool kit (including tools demonstrated during the training);
  • An Activated Sludge Process Control and Troubleshooting Manual;
  • Access to a “tools library” located at each Ohio EPA District Office that allows operators to borrow higher cost equipment; and
  • An online operator’s forum to post questions and share experiences with other operators.

The training program was rolled out in Northwest Ohio in 2015, followed by Southwest, Southeast and Central Ohio in 2016 and Northeast in 2017.

Participant Feedback

Thank you and your team for hosting this workshop and also for the operational tools. This collaboration between treatment operators and the EPA is a must to secure the future of our valuable resources. Thank you again.
- A Village Wastewater Director

I would like to thank you for the recent training course you offered in Fremont, Ohio regarding package plant systems. The technical explanation was very well disseminated and the field visits were just as helpful. It was possibly the best hands on training I've attended in 25 years. Thank you for your continued support and that of the course sponsors.
- A Village Administrator

Just wanted to thank you for the invitation to participate in the training today, it was very informative.
- A Contract Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator

In addition to the training, participants in the program receive access to the following resources:

Process Control Kit (one kit per system)

  • Ammonia Test Kit
  • Orthophosphate Test Kit
  • Settleometer
  • Alkalinity Test Kit
  • Core Sampler

Activated Sludge Process Control and Troubleshooting Chart

Participants also receive a printed copy of the Activated Sludge Process Control and Troubleshooting Chart Methodology that the training is based on.

Tools Library

Each Ohio EPA District Office houses a few centrifuges and DO meters. Active participants in the program will be able to borrow this equipment from their respective district office for use at their plant at no cost. Please contact the district office staff listed under the contact tab to inquire about the tools library closest to you.

Online Operator Forum

This online forum, created and managed through the Ohio Water Environment Association, is open to all program participants. It is primarily focused on plants in Northwest Ohio but will be expanded as participation in the program grows throughout the state. You must register an account to view or post to the forum. If you have issues creating an account or using the forum you can send an email to

Compliance Assistance Unit (CAU)

Our expert staff will work alongside the wastewater treatment plant operators to help them troubleshoot and implement economical and effective solutions. Learn more about this program and how the CAU staff can help you.


General Program Information
Pejmaan Fallah
(614) 644-3666

Walter Ariss

(614) 644-3075

Process/Treatment Assistance
Jon Van Dommelen
(614) 580-5069

Rick Smith
(740) 503-2096

Central District Office (Columbus)

Brittany Schuch
(614) 644-3468

Southeast District Office (Logan)

Emily Poling
(740) 380-5425

Northeast District Office (Twinsburg)

Dean Stoll
(330) 963-1197

Southwest District Office (Dayton)

Mari Piekutowski
(937) 285-6108

Northwest District Office (Bowling Green)

Andrew Gall
(419) 352-8461

Ryan Gierhart
(419) 352-8461


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