Ground Water Quality Characterization Program

Installing a ground water probe to collect samples

NEW! Radionuclides in Ohio's Ground Water

As the designated state water quality management agency, Ohio EPA is responsible for defining and reporting on ambient ground water quality conditions, assessing ground water quality problems and recommending strategies for preventing contamination. Good information on past and present ambient ground water quality, the extent of ground water contamination problems and the relationship of land-use practices to ground water quality is critical to developing effective strategies to prevent ground water contamination. To provide this water quality data, the Ground Water Quality Characterization Program collects and reviews water quality data.


Be Aware of Your Ground Water

In Ohio, nearly half of all cities, villages, schools, businesses and industries depend on ground water for drinking, processing and irrigation. This amounts to more than 1 BILLION GALLONS PER DAY! Ground water is a shared resource. Do your part to protect it.

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Ground Water Quality Map


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