State Implementation Plan Section/Modeling

The State Implementation Plan Section is responsible for developing technical support for the State Implementation Plans (SIPs) for criteria pollutants, as well as coordinating related programs with the U.S. EPA, Ohio EPA's District Offices and outside contractors. Another major responsibility of this unit is its work in ensuring that the state attain and maintain National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). The unit is responsible for attainment and nonattainment areas, whereby, it strives to bring nonattainment areas of the state into attainment. The unit performs and reviews air dispersion modeling studies of air pollution sources, and provides data resources in support of the modeling program.

The Environmental Assessment Unit is also responsible for:

  • Providing meteorological information upon request
  • Reviewing and preparing meteorological data  for input into atmospheric dispersion models
  • Providing meteorological consultation in the selection and evaluation of meteorological data in conjunction with dispersion modeling, emergency episode responses and other air quality functions
  • Evaluating federal guidelines for the utilization of atmospheric dispersion models
  • Providing information and technical assistance on dispersion modeling (PDF)
  • Preparing agency testimony for presentation to technical and public groups
  • Administering the Acid Rain Program under (Title IV of the Clean Air Act of 1990)
  • Providing information on the environmental effects of coal combustion
  • Providing technical assistance on federal and state laws regulations and guidelines regarding sulfur dioxide

For more information, please contact Jennifer Van Vlerah.