Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber, once widely used in building materials and products for its thermal insulating properties and fire resistance.

Intact, undisturbed asbestos-containing materials generally do not pose a health risk. These materials may become hazardous and pose increased risk if they are damaged, are disturbed in some manner, or deteriorate over time and release asbestos fibers into building air. A number of building materials and products still in use today contain asbestos. Asbestos remains in use as an acoustic insulator, and in thermal insulation, fire proofing, roofing, flooring and other materials.

Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3745-20 contains regulations for controlling asbestos emissions from demolition and renovation projects. Ohio's regulations are consistent with U.S. EPA's National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) standards for asbestos.

The regulations require that contractors do several things, such as provide a notification; conduct thorough inspections to determine the presence of asbestos; follow specific work practices; and ensure proper disposal of asbestos-containing material.

District Offices/Local Air Agencies Map for Submitting Demolition/Renovation Notifications



Asbestos Contact List

Main Office
Central Office (CO) Frederick Jones
(614) 644-3591
(614) 644-3681 (fax)
Division of Air Pollution Control, Ohio EPA
P.O. Box 1049
Columbus, OH 43216-1049


District Offices
Central District Office (CDO) Richard Fowler
(614) 995-0671
(614) 728-3898 (fax) 

Central District Office

Attn:  Richard Fowler

P.O. Box 1049
Columbus, OH 43216-1049
Northeast District Office (NEDO) Bob Princic
(330) 963-1230
(330) 487-0769 (fax) 
Northeast District Office
2110 E Aurora Rd
Twinsburg, OH 44087
Northwest District Office (NWDO) Josh Clifton
(419) 373-3058
(419) 352-8468 (fax) 
Northwest District Office
347 N Dunbridge Rd
Bowling Green, OH 43402
Southeast District Office (SEDO) Sara Anderson
(740) 380-5275
(740) 385-6490 (fax) 
Southeast District Office
2195 Front St
Logan, OH 43138
Southwest District Office (SWDO) Terry Sanner
(937) 285-6032
(937) 285-6249 (fax) 
Southwest District Office
401 E Fifth St
Dayton, OH 45402


Local Air Agencies
Akron Wallace Chambers
(330) 812-3872
(330) 375-2402 (fax) 
Akron Regional Air Quality Management
146 S High St, Suite 904
Akron, OH 44308
Canton Jaclyn Hupp
(330) 489-3385
(330) 489-3335 (fax) 
Canton City Health Dept.
Air Pollution Control Division
420 Market Ave., North
Canton, OH 44702-1544
Cincinnati/SOAQA Kenneth Wilkins
(513) 946-7743
(513) 946-7778 (fax) 
Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency
Air Quality Programs
250 William Howard Taft Road
Cincinnati, OH 45219
Cleveland George Baker
(216) 664-4010
(216) 420-8047 (fax) 
Department of Public Health
Division of Air Quality
75 Erieview Plaza, 2nd Floor
Cleveland, OH 44114
Lake County Bert Mechenbier
(440) 350-2543
(440) 350-2548 (fax) 
Lake County General Health District
Air Pollution Control
33 Mill St
Painsville, OH 44077
Portsmouth Matt Freeman
(740) 353-5156 ext. 289
(740) 353-3638 (fax) 
Portsmouth City Health Department
Air Pollution Unit
605 Washington Street, Third Floor
Portsmouth, OH 45662
Regional Air Pollution Control Agency (RAPCA) Sarah Gostomsky
(937) 225-5947
(937) 225-3486 (fax) 
Montgomery County Health Dept
117 S. Main Street
Dayton, OH 45422
Toledo Lynn Pedro
(419) 936-3767
(419) 936-3959 (fax) 
City of Toledo
Division of Environmental Services
348 S Erie St
Toledo, OH 43602



Tara Cioffi
(330) 743-3333 ext. 283
(330) 744-1928 (fax) 
Mahoning-Trumbull APCA (Youngstown)
Oakhill Renaissance Place
345 Oak Hill Ave., Suite 200
Youngstown, OH 44502



ORC 3745.11(G) - An owner or operator who is responsible for an asbestos demolition or renovation project pursuant to rules adopted under section 3704.03 of the Revised Code shall pay the fees set forth in the following schedule. Applies when thresholds are greater than or equal to: 260 linear feet; 160 square feet; or 35 cubic feet.

  • Each notification $75
  • Asbestos removal $3/unit (1 unit = any combination of linear feet or square feet equal to fifty)
  • Asbestos cleanup $4/cubic yard

Fact Sheets

Landfills that Accept Asbestos


Athens County

Athens Hocking Reclamation Center
Athens-Hocking Demolition Landfill
U.S. Route 33 N
Nelsonville  OH  45717

(740) 385-6019

MSW & C&DD Landfill

Note: This is both a licensed MSW and licensed C&DD landfill at this locaton. Asbestos can be accepted at both facilities.

Fairfield County

Republic Services Inc.
Pinegrove Landfill
5131 Drinkle Rd.
Amanda  OH  43102

Tony Furgiuele
(740) 969-4487

MSW Landfill                                                     

Franklin County

Frank Road C&D
2230 Brown Road Rd.
Grove City OH 43123

(614) 539-3722

C&DD Landfill

Hamilton County

Rumpke Sanitary Landfill Inc
Cincinnati Regional Refuse Facility
10795 Hughes Rd
Cincinnati  OH 45251

(513) 851-0122

MSW Landfill

Jackson County

Beech Hollow Landfill
28 A W Long Rd
Wellston OH 45692-9799

(740)  384-4400

MSW Landfill

Lucas County

Stickney West Ind Park C&DD L.L.C
4425 Creekside Avenue
Toledo, OH  43612

Francis Tandoh
(419) 260-2117

C&DD Landfill

Montgomery County

Stony Hollow Recycling and Disposal Facility
2460 South Gettysburg Avenue
PO Box 460 W C Branch
Dayton OH 45559

Bob Downing
(937) 268-1133

MSW Landfill

Muskingum County

Sidwell C & DD
4620 Limestone Valley Dr.
Zanesville, OH 43701

Adam Sidwell
(740) 849-2394

C&DD Landfill

Ottawa County

Ottawa County Landfill
530 N Camp Rd
Port Clinton OH 43452

(419) 635-2367

MSW Landfill

Perry County

Suburban South Recycling & Disposal Facility
3415 Township Road 447
Glenford OH 43739

(740) 787-2327

MSW Landfill

Pike County

Pike Sanitation Landfill
11775 State Route 220
Waverly OH 45690

(740) 947-7082

MSW Landfill

Richland County

Noble Road Landfill
170 Noble Road E
Shiloh, OH   44878                                     

(419) 895-0058

MSW Landfill

Seneca County

Sunny Farms Landfill
12500 West County Road 18
Fostoria  OH 44830

(419) 894-6148

MSW Landfill

Stark County

American Landfill Inc
7916 Chapel Street SE
Waynesburg OH 44688

(330) 866-3265

MSW Landfill

Countywide Recycling & Disposal
3619 Gracemont Street SW
East Sparta  OH  44626

(330) 874-3855

MSW Landfill

Minerva Enterprises
9000 Minerva Road
Waynesburg  OH 44688

(330) 866-3435

C&DD Landfill

Wood County

Evergreen Recycling & Disposal Facility
2625 East Broadway
Northwood OH 43619

(419) 666-5136

MSW Landfill

Wyandot County

County Environmental of Wyandot
11164 County Road 4
Carey OH 43316

(419) 396-3581

MSW Landfill


The latest changes to the Asbestos Emission Control regulations became effective on March 2, 2012. These rules affect contractors, landfills and large projects. The rule changes were implemented to provide clarification and to make the rules consistent with the federal asbestos NESHAP regulations at 40 CFR Part 61, Subpart M. Some of the changes include:

  • A change to the definition of “small fragments” in Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) rule 3745-20-01. OAC Rule 3745-20-01 now defines “small fragments” as four (4) square inches or less to be friable or regulated asbestos containing material (RACM). Also, large projects involving the renovation/demolition of multiple residential structures are to be considered a “Facility” (see 3745-20-01 Definitions [PDF])
  • OAC Rule 3745-20-05 has been changed to require that all category two material (Cat ll) to be disposed at a regulated asbestos landfill. (see 3745-20-05 Standard for asbestos waste handling [PDF])