eBusiness Center: Air Services

The Ohio EPA’s eBusiness Center is a secure portal for online business services. This portal is the entry point for the regulated community and consultants to electronically complete and file reports and permit applications. Authorized users are able to update their facility and contact information directly. You can access Ohio EPA’s eBusiness Center at ebiz.epa.ohio.gov.

  • eBusiness Center assistance - For questions on the eBusiness Center (i.e., creating a user account or requesting your PIN), contact the Office of Information Technology Services Helpdesk by email ebizhelpdesk@epa.ohio.gov or phone at (877) 372-2499 (1-877-EPA-BIZZ).
  • eBusiness Common Questions/Answers - To assist you in getting quick responses online.
  • Air Services assistance - For questions about Air Services (i.e., requesting access to factory data, Air Facility Profile, permit applications, etc.) please contact Elisa Thomas by email at elisa.thomas@epa.ohio.gov or phone at (614) 644-3621.
  • Air Services Online Training Information

Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

What facilities are required to use this software?

Title V and Synthetic Minor Title V facilities are required to use the eBusiness Center: Air Services for all emissions reporting, Title V Annual Compliance Certifications, all permit applications, and reports.

What services are available in this software?

  •  Title V applications
  • Permit-to-Install (PTI) and Permit-to-Install and Operate (PTIO) applications
  • Title V Annual Compliance Certifications
  • Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual and other reporting requirements
  • Emissions/Stack Testing
  • Scheduled Maintenance Bypass Request
  • Title V Fee Emissions Reports (FER), Emissions Inventory Summary (EIS), and Emissions Statements (ES)
  • Synthetic Minor Title V FER, EIS and ES
  • Non-Title V FER and ES
  • Title IV Acid Rain Applications
  • Intent to Relocate forms for portable facilities

Request Access to Your Facility Data

In order to protect your data we are requiring users to complete an online form to gain access to any facility data.   To get into the Air Services software and accesss your account, (you) need to gain access to your facility data by either being delegated a role, or by signing up for the Certify/Submit/Manage Access (CSMA) role via the eBusiness Center. Ohio EPA grants the first CSMA role for each facility. That first person must meet certain regulatory criteria.  Click on one of the following links to review the appropriate Air Services Role Decision Diagrams: Title V Facility  or  non-Title V and Synthetic Minor Facility. This should help you determine which path you should take to establish access to your facility information.   Once the request has been granted it will indicate such in the eBusiness Center and an e-mail notification will be sent to the account holder. 

There are two levels of facility data access currently available:

  • Certify/Submit/Manage Access - A user granted this access will have the ability to edit information and submit it to Ohio EPA, DAPC.  In addition, this user will be able to delegate access at any of the levels to other users.  For example, a company president that does not want to perform any preparation work in the eBusiness Center: Air Services, can delegate this level of access to another user.
  • Preparer/Reviewer - User has the capability to add or update data and save it in Air Services, but not submit to Ohio EPA.  This level of access must be delegated, as discussed below. 
  • Read Only -Currently unavailable, but Coming Soon!   

The process by which eBusiness Center users are assigned the privileges of Certify/Submit/Manage Access or Preparer/Reviewer is called Delegation Management.  Once the Responsible Official obtains access to your facility data, he/she can delegate data access privileges via the simple to use eBusiness Center Delegation Management features.  The person(s) to whom you are delegating must already have established an account in the eBusiness Center.  

What kind of training is available?

We want you to be able to use this software without needing in-depth training.  We have developed a thorough online help resource.  However, if you find after exploring this new system that you do need training, we post training dates/topics as demand dictates. We will notify all registered Air Services when dates are available. You can check on upcoming training dates and see video of previous sessions by reviewing Answer Place ID 1642 (click here to go directly to the topic).

Useful reference

  • Help within Air Services - click the word "Help" in the top right corner of any Air Services screen to get context specific information.
  • Searchable topics and fast responses to new questions - DAPC heavily relies on the Agency "Answer Place" to post topics, videos, and links to guidance on all information related to Air Services. If you can not find an answer, simply ask a new question and get a response within one business day!
  • Phone assistance - DAPC Central Office staff along with your District Office or Local Air Agency contacts are ready and waiting to assist you. Contact Elisa Thomas, (614)644-3621.