Environmental Response and Revitalization Voluntary Action Program Site Summary

Wheatland Avenue Site

Address: East side of Wheatland Avenue
North of West Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43204
Property Also Known As:
Buckeye Youth Center, Columbus State Hospital
Acreage: 20.1
County of Site: Franklin
Volunteer Name and Location: City of Columbus
Department of Development
150 S. Front St.
Columbus, OH 43215
Certified Professional: Jeffrey P. Hullinger (CP214)
Certified Laboratory: Test America Laboratories, Inc. (CL0024)
Environmental Science Corporation (CL0069)
EA Group (CL0015)
Pace Analytical Services, Inc. (CL0065)
NFA Number: 09NFA359
Date No Further Action Letter Submitted: March 19, 2009
Date Covenant Not to Sue Issued: Feb. 10, 2010
Remedial Activities:
Removal and off-property disposal of approximately 1,724 tons of contaminated soil and debris; abatement of asbestos-containing materials from an existing structure prior to demolition and removal of asbestos-containing gravel from a crawl space beneath the structure after its demolition
Institutional Control(s): Not applicable
Engineering Control(s): Not applicable
Operation and Maintenance Agreement: Not applicable
Urban Setting Determination Approved: Not applicable
Attachments: Feb. 10, 2010, Covenant Not to Sue
Summary Date: February 2010