Environmental Response and Revitalization Site Summary

Rankin Oil Transport Spill

The Rankin Oil Transport Spill site is located at the intersection of U.S. Route 62 and state Route 762, just south of Harrisburg, Ohio, in Pickaway County. The spill occurred from a tanker truck accident at the southwest corner of this intersection. The site is an undeveloped lot at the base of the ridge that forms the western edge of the Big Darby Creek valley. The site is surrounded by residences to the south, a tavern to the east and an automotive repair shop to the northwest. Additional residences and the Village of Harrisburg lie north of the site. Big Darby Creek lies about 1,500 feet to the southeast.

On Jan. 18, 1993, a Rankin Oil tanker truck carrying gasoline traveling west on U.S. Route 62, collided with a vehicle attempting to turn left onto state Route 762. As a result, the tanker overturned and spilled approximately 8,500 gallons of gasoline. The gasoline immediately soaked into the surrounding soils. A portion of the gasoline flowed north through a disconnected storm drain tile into a quarry northeast of the intersection and was intercepted by the local fire department in a collection trench. The Division of Emergency and Remedial Response (DERR), Emergency Response Section responded to the incident and directed the trucking company to initiate a clean-up of the spill. Various remedial actions including interception trenches, recovery wells and soil vapor extraction were implemented at the site. DERR determined that the U.S. EPA Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs) for public drinking water for benzene (0.005 mg/l), toluene (1.0 mg/l), ethylbenzene (0.7 mg/l) and xylene (10 mg/l) were appropriate clean-up levels for the site.

In September 1995, the trucking company’s contractor re-excavated the source area to remove residual soil contamination that remained in the original spill area. Confirmation samples from the excavation walls were below detection limits for benzene,