Environmental Response and Revitalization Site Summary

Ohio Air National Guard at Rickenbacker IAP

The Ohio Air National Guard (OHANG) occupies a small part of what is now Rickenbacker International Airport (Rickenbacker IAP). The airport is located 12 miles southeast of downtown Columbus and was developed from the portion of the former Rickenbacker ANGB that was transferred to the Rickenbacker Port Authority in the mid-1980s and from subsequent transfers of land.

The property OHANG received from the Air Force Base Conversion Agency (AFBCA) encompassed two areas that needed additional environmental investigation. OHANG agreed to address these areas as part of receiving the property to develop. 

The two areas needing investigation are Area of Concern (AOC) A and Site 12.

AOC A was investigated during an investigation of the jet fuel pipeline that ran from the Bulk Storage Tank Farm (six 1 million gallon aboveground storage tanks) to other areas of the former base. Additional investigation at AOC A was conducted in April 2003 to determine the status of the petroleum contamination. During January 2004, responsibility for AOC A was transferred to the Ohio State Fire Marshal, Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulation (BUSTR), and it is now known as Site 46.

An investigation was conducted at Site 12 prior to transferring the property to OHANG. Additional investigation was conducted in 2003, including the installation of additional monitoring wells. In 2005, OHANG collected additional soil samples and initiated a pilot test in 2006 to address ground water contaminated with volatile organic compounds. Quarterly sampling continues in 2009.

Summary date: April 2009

For more information, call the OHANG/Rickenbacker Public Affairs Office at (614) 492-3408.