Environmental Response and Revitalization Voluntary Action Program Site Summary

Liberty Place

Address: 100 Liberty St. 
Columbus, OH 43215
Acreage: 6.729
County of Site: Franklin
Volunteer Name and Location: Liberty Place LLC
1919 Post Oak Park Drive, Suite 3101
Houston, TX 77027
Owner of Property:
Same as volunteer
Certified Professional: Christopher Krum (CP177)
Certified Laboratory: American Analytical Laboratories, Inc. (CL0010)
Burgess and Niple, Limited (CL0042)
NFA Number: 02NFA135
Date No Further Action Letter Submitted: May 30, 2002
Date Covenant Not to Sue Issued: Feb. 6, 2003
Remedial Activities
  1. Excavation and disposal of the upper 10 feet of soil and fill material and subsequent filling with 10 feet of soil demonstrated to comply with applicable standards
  2. Installation of an interception trench to prevent petroleum from emanating off of the property to the Scioto River
  3. Implementation of a risk mitigation plan to limit exposure to contaminants during excavation and disposal of the upper 10 feet of soil and fill material and during maintenance of subsurface utilities and engineering controls
Institutional Control(s): Prohibits the extraction of ground water
Engineering Control(s): Maintenance of the interception trench; monitoring, withdrawal and disposal of petroleum collected in the interception trench; monitoring of downgradient monitoring wells for the potential migration of petroleum off the property; and the monitoring, reporting, record-keeping, financial assurance and other requirements set forth in the O&M Agreement and O&M Plan
Operation and Maintenance Agreement: Yes
Urban Setting Determination Approved: Not applicable

Summary Date: July 2004

For more information on this site, contact:

Fred Myers
Ohio EPA, Central District Office, DERR
P.O. Box 1049
Columbus, OH 43216-1049
(614) 728-3830