Environmental Response and Revitalization Voluntary Action Program Site Summary

Harrison West

Address: 525 W. First Ave. 
Columbus, OH 43215
Property also known as:
A.C. Humko
Capital City Products
Columbus Forge and Iron
Acreage: 11.185
County of Site: Franklin
Volunteer Name and Location: Royal Tallow Holdings, Ltd. and
Harrison Park Development, Ltd
1289 Grandview Ave.
Columbus, OH 43212

City of Columbus
Department of Development
109 N. Front St. 
Columbus, OH 43215
Certified Professional: Atul Pandey (CP224)
Certified Laboratory: EA Group (CL0015)
Blackhand Laboratory (CL0064)
Merit Laboratories, Inc. (CL002)
Environmental Science Corporation (CL0069)
NFA Number: 06NFA231
Date No Further Action Letter Submitted: March 9, 2006
Date Covenant Not to Sue Issued: Sept. 13, 2006
Removal Activities:
  • Removal by modified soil vapor extraction of methane and hydrogen sulfide gases
  • Removal by extraction of approximately 87,229 tons of PAH and TPH-contaminated soil from the former acid plant and the triangular and truck garage underground storage tank areas
  • Removal of approximately 800 gallons of free-phase petroleum product from the former acid plant area excavation
  • Removal by excavation of approximately 2,316 tons of PAH and metals-contaminated soil from the former railroad spur area
  • Removal of approximately 1,632 gallons of free-phrase petroleum product and ground water from recovery wells
  • Removal of asbestos from buildings prior to their demolition
Institutional Control(s): Not applicable
Engineering Control(s): Not applicable
Operation and Maintenance Agreement: No
Urban Setting Determination Approved: Not applicable
Summary Date: May 2008