Environmental Response and Revitalization Site Summary

Granville Solvents, Inc.

The Granville Solvents, Inc. (GSI) site is located in the Village of Granville, Ohio, in Licking County. The facility operated as a solvent reclamation and recycling center. GSI operated with an interim RCRA Part A Permit but was shut down in 1986, by court order, because of continuing permit violations. A total of 13 underground storage tanks and approximately 340 drums of waste were left behind. From 1986 to 1990, Ohio EPA investigators found that the drums were deteriorating and some of them were leaking.

From 1990 to 1993, Ohio EPA funded the removal of the drums and tanks and the investigation of ground water and soil. The drums and tanks were removed during the summer and fall of 1990. From 1991 to 1993, Ohio EPA investigated the soil and ground water. The ground water was found to be contaminated with several chlorinated ethenes, and a plume of contaminated ground water was migrating toward the Village of Granville’s water well field. Soil contamination was limited to the GSI property.

In 1993, Ohio EPA referred the site to U.S. EPA to administer a ground water and soil cleanup under federal law. U.S. EPA contacted the generators that used GSI and notified them of their liability. In 1994, several of these companies signed an administrative consent order with U.S. EPA. A pump-and-treat system was installed to prevent further contaminant migration and to reduce contaminant concentrations in the ground water. In 2001, the generators installed a soil vapor extraction/air sparging system on the GSI property to address soil contamination and source area ground water. U.S. EPA approved the construction completion report on Dec. 28, 2001.

In August 2004, the companies submitted a proposal to U.S. EPA to suspend treatment systems and implement a ground water monitoring plan. U.S. EPA and Ohio EPA concurred with the proposal, and the treatment systems were shut down on March 7, 2005. 

The ground water of the vicinity was set to be monitored for at least five years to ensure that contaminant concentrations in the ground water remained below the clean-up standards. The companies submitted a contingency plan that would be implemented if ground water contaminant concentrations rebound. 

The companies involved in the clean-up of the Granville Solvents, Inc. site completed the five years of monitoring (2005-2010). The contaminant concentrations of the ground water increased during that time, and U.S. EPA decided to extend the post remedial monitoring period through 2012. U.S. EPA also asked the companies to acquire additional information. 

The companies completed the U.S. EPA's recommendations and submitted the Post Removal Action Completion (RAC) report in October 2012. The companies also monitored ground water through 2012 as requested, submitted the 2012 Ground Water Monitoring Report in February 2013 and submitted a Post-RAC addendum in July 2013. U.S. EPA submitted comments on the Post-RAC report on June 30, 2015. View those comments here.

Because this location is also a U.S. EPA lead site, Ohio EPA provides U.S. EPA with technical assistance and comments upon request. 

Photograph 1: Overview of site showing ground water treatment building and soil vapor extraction/air sparge building, Aug. 4, 2003.

Summary date: August 2015

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