Environmental Response and Revitalization Site Summary

B&E Landfill

The B&E Landfill is an inactive landfill located about 4 miles southwest of Circleville, Ohio, in Pickaway County, just east of the intersection of Route 104 and Kinderhook Road. The site is about 35 acres in size. The site is bordered to the north by an open field, on the east by a portion of the abandoned Erie and Ohio Canal, which runs parallel to the Scioto River, and on the south by a wooded ravine and field. Route 104 runs parallel to the landfill on the west side.

The site was used for waste disposal from the early 1950s to 1979. Early in its operation, the site was used as an open dump. In 1968, the site began operating as a sanitary landfill after Pickaway County issued a solid waste disposal license. Wastes were apparently deposited above ground, in and around the ravine south of the landfill. Portions of the canal were also filled during site operations, dividing the canal into two segments, referred to as the northern and southern canal segments. After 1968, wastes were primarily deposited in unlined trenches and covered with soil. The landfill closed in 1979 and was covered with 2 feet of clay. Solid waste was visible and protruded from the clay and soil cover material. Leachate has been observed along the southern and eastern slopes of the landfill. The landfill owner used the site to graze cattle.

In September 1998, the U.S. EPA issued a unilateral administrative order to a group of potentially responsible parties (PRP Group). The PRP Group included E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Co., General Electric Co., PPG Industries, Inc. and a number of other PRPs. The PRP Group completed a removal action consisting of a new landfill cap, a long-term monitoring program and maintenance activities. 

Construction of the landfill cap began in April 1999. Fill material to improve the grade and establish proper slopes on the landfill, cover soil and topsoil were obtained from a field south of the landfill provided by the landfill owner. The material was mined under a permit from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. A geomembrane (plastic) liner overlain with geonet and geotextile layers to drain any surface water infiltration was installed in July/August 1999. Final cover soil and topsoil were placed in August/September 1999. A phytoremediation system was also established along leachate areas through the planting of hydrophilic plants (e.g., willows). The site has been fenced. All construction activities were completed in October 1999. Currently, the PRP Group is completing operation and maintenance activities. This includes routine inspections of the landfill and monitoring (which includes gas, leachate and ground water sampling).

During the January 2003 inspection, elevated methane readings were collected near a house trailer on the property. During November 2003, the PRP Group addressed this potential safety issue by placing a concrete pad under the house trailer to block any potential migration of methane into the house trailer.

Attachment 1: 1998 Administrative Order Between U.S. EPA and the PRP Group

B&E Landfill1

Photograph 1: General view of landfill, Jan. 14, 2004.

Summary date: July 2004